The Low Down

Amanda Rush is on a mission to help female entrepreneurs up-level their businesses with the help of her highly skilled virtual assistant team. As her business continues to grow, Amanda needed systems that could support an ever-growing list of clients and an expanding internal team. Together, we built systems that automated client management and allowed her to lean into scaling her business and surpass her wildest dreams in terms of capacity for clients! 

Our goal in building out ClickUp for Amanda was to streamline her internal operations; with a focus on automating her client onboarding process. This included creating process templates, organizing important internal information, and creating dashboard overviews. These are just a few major optimizations we made inside ClickUp to allow Amanda and her team to onboard clients quicker, complete work more effectively, and enhance team collaboration. 



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About Amanda

Amanda Rush Holmes is a southern mama, podcaster, educator, and the founder and CEO of The Virtual Assistant Studio, a marketing agency for influencers. When she’s not leading her team or pumping out strategies for her clients, you’ll likely find her mentoring moms in her program Full-Time VA.


Streamlined Internal Operations

Prior to working with us, Amanda and her team were struggling to fully utilize ClickUp’s features to optimize workflows. Although they had tasks and lists created, they were mostly applied to client projects. The internal operational tasks lacked a solid organizational structure with their ClickUp.

The first stop to optimization was building out individual processes for each aspect of the business the team would need to be a part of. Content creation and podcast management were a couple of the internal systems that we streamlined using ClickUp. In addition to these processes, we created systems for team KPIs, meeting agendas, password management, and more.

Once we had the team optimized, we used ClickUp’s Dashboard feature to set up a team management dashboard for Amanda. This allowed her to quickly get a pulse on team performance and projects. Now, Amanda can easily stay up to date without being knee-deep in daily operations. 


Automated Client Management Process

Amanda and her team manage a plethora of clients who each have a unique collection of offers, assets, and processes. With so many moving pieces, Amanda knew it was time to build solid systems and templates to streamline the management of their clients. 

Using ClickUp, we built an SOP Manual system where Amanda and her team could store workflows and processes for each specific client. Along with that, we created a dedicated resource hub within each client project to store all the resources and assets associated with one client. Now client information is easily accessible to anyone on the team. 

On top of that, we made sure that each existing workflow had a templated process built out in ClickUp. With these templates, each operational aspect of onboarding and managing a client was quick and simple to duplicate. Now, Amanda and her team can hit the ground running when new clients sign on!


The Results

Since working with us, Amanda and her team have been able to streamline their internal operations, automate their client management process, optimize their backend operations, and up-level their capacity for clients. Amanda says:

“It gives me peace of mind to know that everything is set up and running how it’s supposed to be running in the background. I don’t have to stress out because I know that the team has everything that they need to be able to do their job without me holding their hand throughout the day.”

Amanda has also seen significant changes to her business’s capacity for clients thanks to their automated client management process. She comments that “It elevated our client experience.” And that, “We’re able to produce higher quality content.”

In addition to enhancing client experience, Amanda has onboarded 3 new team members since her ClickUp setup! Solid internal systems and templated processes have made integrating team members into their workflows quick and efficient.

Overall, ClickUp has given Amanda the ability to confidently onboard more clients and lean into her business’s expansion. Her streamlined ClickUp systems support them as they continue to provide exceptional support and amazing results for their clients! 


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How Optimizing ClickUp Up-Leveled This Business’s Capacity For Clients

August 30, 2023