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Fun Facts About Us

Courtney Lazar's journey to founding SystemsUp® traces its roots back to her initial foray into the tech industry at a San Francisco based remote startup, and the disillusionment with traditional 9 to 5 roles in Missouri.

Meet the backend brain and founder behind SystemsUp®, Courtney Lazar! 

While juggling her corporate job, she pledged to pivot to entrepreneurship, eventually dedicating herself entirely to her vision.

Courtney's evolving passion for technology and systems guided her to refine her business focus towards what truly energized her. This focus led her to evolve her business into SystemsUp®. 

Her path took a pivotal turn after drawing inspiration from "The 4-Hour Work Week" by Tim Ferriss particularly the concept of merging one's skills with passions to create a fulfilling career.

This pivot has allowed her to serve her clients more effectively, tailoring solutions that streamline their operations and enhance their efficiency, ultimately helping them achieve their own business goals.

Today, SystemsUp® stands as a testament to her journey of self-discovery and her commitment to transforming her expertise into a thriving business centered around technology and systems optimization.

ClickUp Specialist

Zelle Palomar

Chief Operating Officer

Hannah Bowyer-Rivette

Founder & CEO

Courtney Lazar

The supportive, streamlining, systems solutions savants you need, like, yesterday.

Meet Your Setup Team!

Today, the foundation of SystemsUp® is built on our goal to provide custom systems design and education for fast-growing businesses and agencies that need more than automations — they need a backend brain as brilliant as they are!

Since then, she has devoted her time to expanding team SystemsUp® and helping business owners uplevel their systems. 

Well, ask around and it’s easy to see: so many business owners are creatives who prefer to DO instead of worry about what the DOING entails. 

So they grow scattered teams, have a range of half-finished systems full of holes, and rely on their brains and memories to do most of the heavy lifting – effectively making CEO’s the bottleneck.

Why is that?

While tech is the underpinning of every single online business, for some reason: we’re an industry that almost always leaves systems and tech ‘til the very last second. Or, two years too late.

What We’re Seeing Happening…

it feels wildly intimidating now to even consider rethinking how the thing is designed. 

While SOME of our clients will come to get their systems done first, most don’t, because they’ve been so busy building the plane as they’ve flown it,

Add to that the fact their businesses, teams, and way of thinking are all wildly unique – and they realize they also don’t WANT someone else’s system anyway. In a perfect world, they’d have PM software and tools that flowed exactly the way their mind does. Preferably installed in a way that doesn’t require them to slow down.

And right now they’re climbing to 7 and 8-figure cruising altitude in what amounts to a tech jalopy, messily built on years of “I’ll do it myself” and band-aid fixes. 

That's where SystemsUp steps in.


No paint-by-numbers tech solutions here.

We build bespoke backend brains as brilliant as our clients. 

while you take a break, take some time off, or dive headfirst into work you love doing most.

Your tech can actively become like a bonus brain, making sure the day to day of your business stays running smoothly, and all of your clients enjoy a white glove experience 

We have wildly deep knowledge of tech tools and the industry, how these businesses are run, and all the little quirks and schisms that makes the online business space, and the creatives in it, so magical. 

That’s why, with our propriety process, we’re striving to teach our students and clients that technology isn’t just about making life easier for yourself, your team, and your clients. 

We want to show what good tech can DO. 

But our real mission?

In general: we’d love to see more awareness of the absolute necessity of systems in your biz. 

How We're Fixing It...

Take the initiative, don’t be afraid to rest or share crazy ideas, fail often & fast, be open with your mistakes & failures.



Being efficient in your day-to-day helps you improve your productivity, increases your production output & can eliminate time-consuming tasks.



Support your team members. Lend a hand when you see someone struggling.

All Hands On Deck


Self-explanatory. Be kind, do it willingly.

Random Acts Of Kindness


We own up to things when we mess up and we are honest about our strengths and weaknesses.



The best customer experience, period. Fix problems and say yes.

Customer Service


We always encourage transparency within our team and with our clients. It encourages trust and goodwill together as a team and for our clients that work with us.



We always believe in going above and beyond. Always take projects one step further than you're required to with internal + clients.

Plus One Attitude


Our Values