The 10 most common “Systems Failure” points when trying to scale a service-based business (when you fix these, you’ll find serving clients and managing your team MUCH easier and less stressful)

To scale to the next level you cannot keep doing the same as before. That’s why change is required. It can be scary but it doesn't have to be. Follow the steps on pages 15 and 16.

Data is your best friend–most don’t use it (or even collect it) but proper data reporting allows you to improve strategic decision-making… I’ll show you what data you need to collect. Use this to scale smart.

Are you experiencing bottlenecks as you scale? Maybe everything just feels so slow, projects get delayed, team performance is dropping, and clients are getting frustrated? (Check out Systems Problem 6 to see how to fix inefficient Process Management)

Everyone asks about “tech stacks”... here’s how to actually think about them (and how to choose softwares without complicating your business)

Could you be OVER-automating your processes? Possibly. On Page 6 discover how this could be damaging your ability to scale (and how to intentionally deploy automations so they work FOR you, instead of against you).

How to fix communication issues and implement consistent communication practices so you can increase productivity, client satisfaction, and scale efficiently. 

The #1 problem resulting in inefficient operations: Lack of visibility. Here’s how to create a “Centralized Hub” to increase visibility, streamline your processes and get in control of your business. 

Why quick fixes and “hole-patching” when problems come up is the worst thing you can do – this almost never fixes the core issue, leaving your clients or your team working inefficiently (and done enough times, it results in a weaker, fragile business)

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