As an entrepreneur, choosing a project management tool can be a daunting task. With so many platforms and tools out there, we totally get how overwhelming it can get. After years of experimenting with different project management tools, ClickUp has remained on top for Team EE. So today, in this ClickUp Review, e are talking all about how ClickUp can truly change the game for you biz!



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What Is ClickUp?

ClickUp is a do-it-all project management tool with endless features and capabilities.  It is so much more than a basic to-do list — beyond project management, it allows us to create docs, tables, forms, dashboards, and more!

The thing we want to stress in our ClickUp review is that ClickUp is a scalable solution. Other project management tools like Asana and Monday can feel really great when you’re using them, but overall they don’t provide a scalable solution for your biz.

We recommend ClickUp because it supports growth and when it comes to systems, we want them to support us long term and not just in the present state of our business! 


Who Is ClickUp Best For And What Plans Do They Offer?

ClickUp is perfect for any online-based business (and even non-online-based businesses)! Whether you’re a solopreneur, managing a team, or even an agency ClickUp helps you streamline your business and keeps everything running smoothly. 

At the time of this recording, ClickUp offers 3 plans beyond their free trial (Their Free Forever plan is perfect for you to get acclimated to the tool and play around a bit before jumping into a payment plan!)

1. Unlimited Plan

The unlimited plan offers a monthly and a yearly payment option. This plan is a good step up from the free plan. You get unlimited uses of custom fields, guest permissions, unlimited spaces and so much more when you sign up for this plan!

2. Business Plan

The business plan also offers a monthly and a yearly payment option. This plan gives you access to private + default views, all of the dashboard widgets, branding + customization options for your forms, extra guests, and more. 

We personally recommend the business plan because it is the most scalable option and gives you access to all of the features! 

3. Enterprise Plan

ClickUp’s enterprise plan is best if you are a big business or agency! 


ClickUp’s Best Features

This is the part we are most excited to share with you in our ClickUp review: the features!

ClickUp has amazing features which allows Team EE to be more efficient, organized, and keep our biz running as smoothly as possible. It is SO hard to choose our fav features, but here is what currently makes the top of the list for us!

  • Custom Fields: 

Custom Fields allow you to add any type of information to your lists. Types of custom fields include checkboxes, dates, dropdowns, tags, files, and more! 

And the best part? After creating custom fields, you can group and filter your lists by custom field giving you a personalized experience in viewing any data!

  • Time Tracking

ClickUp’s native time tracker makes it super easy for your team to keep track of their time right in each task! ClickUp’s Time Tracking Widgets also allow you to create Time Tracking Dashboards so you never have to leave the platform to see your team’s time.

  • Form View

ClickUp’s Form View allows you to eliminate TypeForm, Google Forms, or any other form platform!

You can add custom fields to your forms like dropdowns, tags, email addresses, files, and more.

Creating a form in ClickUp also means that every form that is filled out will auto-populate into a list so you never have to leave the platform to view your form responses!

  • Dashboards

Dashboards in ClickUp give you the opportunity to up-level your client and team experience. You have endless possibilities to create dashboards for projects such as client-facing task lists, project planning, and team onboarding.

You can add in custom widgets for task lists, docs, chat boxes, and embeds!

ClickUp’s native automations allow you to automate repetitive tasks so the tedious manual tasks can be taken off your plate. ClickUp also has endless integrations which allow you to streamline your biz even further!

3 Biggest Pros Of ClickUp

1. ClickUp Is Cost-Effective:

On top of it having more features, tools, and integrations than its competitors, it’s also more cost-effective. 

They also release new features every single Friday!! By having more features, you get more for your money and can expect updates weekly.

2. ClickUp offers a lean system:

With ClickUp, you have the ability to eliminate numerous tools in your biz.  When it comes to platforms + software, we have a ton of options to choose from. But just because we have them doesn’t mean we need to use all of them.

ClickUp’s features have allowed us on Team EE to condense down the number of tools and platforms we use! 

3. ClickUp is more scalable than other platforms:

None of us started our businesses to watch them stagnate; we want them to grow!

We prepare our clients and students for scaling with the tools we use on Team EE! 

With ClickUp you’re actually able to customize your project’s design, fields, views based on the needs of your business! So whether you are just starting to plan your business or you have been in your biz for 5 years, ClickUp is the perfect tool for you!


Without a doubt, ClickUp is, in our opinion, the best tool out there! This one tool alone eliminates the need to use countless tools in your biz. Whether you are a solopreneur or managing a team, ClickUp helps you streamline your biz and keeps everything running smoothly.

After diving into our ClickUp review, if you’re ready to jump into the platform sign up today and get 30% off the Unlimited Plan or 15% off Business Plan! 



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