How The Social Bungalow Enhanced Their White-Glove Student Experience With ClickUp

The Low Down

Shannon Matson is devoted to helping others structure and market their businesses for exceptional growth. With comprehensive experience in marketing and advertising, her goal is to educate business owners on entrepreneurship, content creation, and fostering community so that they can structure ingenious online businesses and step into their unique role as CEO. With her ever-growing client base and chaotic internal management systems, Shannon invested in us to help her build systems to take the chaos out of managing their programs and team projects.

Our goal in building out ClickUp for Shannon was to systemize her internal business management operations, with a highlighted focus on two major pain points: their team and program management processes. We focused on optimizing her program management and team management systems so that both systems could run smoothly on the backend without consistent monitoring; allowing Shannon and her team to focus on high-priority projects and goals.



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About Shannon Matson

Shannon Matson’s journey began in the corporate world where she held titles such as V.P. of Marketing for a global publishing company and National Director of Sales & Marketing for a fitness franchise.

These varying industries and array of accreditations – from pursuing continued education credits in copywriting, utilized to write weekly articles for Forbes and, to becoming Google Adwords certified – speak to her insatiable hunger for driving traffic and conversions to remarkable brands.

These roles brought her to opportunities with L’Oreal, Access Hollywood and The Ellen Degeneres Show, with marketing access to Kendra Wilkinson, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez.

Now, she’s the CEO and Founder of The Social Bungalow, an education + media company that helps entrepreneurs structure ingenious online businesses, as well as Bungalow Coffee a 2,500 sqft coffee café in the Downtown Las Vegas Arts District.


Enhanced Program Management

Prior to working with us, Shannon and her team were juggling a fast-growing clientele and student list. Despite already being in ClickUp, they lacked a solid and systemized setup within their project management tool that allowed them to streamline their program management processes.

Each program has a plethora of moving pieces, details, and schedules. On top of that, their program also contains several tasks, submissions, and checkpoints that need to be reviewed manually. 

With all these moving parts and no processes in place, things like conversations, notes, requests, and deadlines started falling through the cracks.

Shannon referred to this stressful time in her business as “Death by a thousand knicks.” She continued by saying, “It was so many little instances of something falling through the cracks or losing a conversation thread or writing to somebody being like ‘Wait, where was that? Where did you put that? I can’t find the link…’” It was at this point she knew it was time to outsource to professionals. 

With ClickUp, we were able to completely streamline her program management system. They no longer need to ‘rebuild the wheel’ every time a new program begins or they launch a new course. Instead, every member of the team is able to immediately spring into action because they have the resources, knowledge, and processes in place to easily facilitate student requests and stay up to date with program management.

To build this streamlined process, we pulled all the tasks necessary for program management into one place. In ClickUp, this allows them to see all of the program management tasks for all of their programs in one quick glance. We also included additional ClickUp views so they can also see the tasks for each program individually.

In addition, we created a resource center in ClickUp that integrates directly with Google Drive. Now they can easily access program information and documents without ever having to leave ClickUp.


Systemized Team Management

Before their ClickUp Setup, Shannon found it difficult to keep her team members on the same page with all the necessary information and to-dos for overall business management. Every team member had their own process for completing tasks and there was no central storage location for the entire team to see each other’s work and progress.

This is how she described their situation, “Even though we’re organized people and really communicative and collaborative and all these great assets we had as a team, lacked having a project management software, which also acts as a storage bank and a data source and a training portal and everything that ClickUp can be.”

This struggle led to Shannon being the perpetual bottleneck because, without SOPs or a system for team proactivity/independence, she was constantly having to micromanage her team’s daily tasks for all of their current projects.

With this in mind, we started building out all the pieces Shannon and her team needed to solidify processes and track project and program management within ClickUp. For example, we created an SOP manual, KPI tracker, and a team management dashboard so Shannon could easily pop in and see the team’s progress and status on all business tasks and projects.

From there, we pulled her team into ClickUp with a special focus on making sure their setup was organized in a way that appealed to the personal learning skills of each team member (visual learners, auditory learners, readers, etc.). This enabled her team to learn and troubleshoot quickly and efficiently in a way that makes sense to their brain.  


The Results

Since working with us, Shannon and her team have been able to streamline their program management processes, onboard and train team members, and seamlessly and collaboratively work together on all of their projects! 

This gives Shannon peace of mind knowing all details of all projects will be completed without her having to directly oversee them! This has allowed her to focus her energy on the business’s needle-moving goals and projects rather than daily operations. 

Of her experience working with SystemsUp, Shannon said, “You (team SystemsUp) sit there with every piece in front of you being the messy origin, the ideal future…and then you’re like, ta-da, here’s one sparkling process! I do not know how you do it. It is truly such a skill set that I have never seen a business do like you guys do it. And then it’s swift, it’s thoughtful, and then it’s robust…”

When asked how specific features of her project have made a difference for her team, Shannon says, “My favorite part of what you guys built us, I would say probably the SOP playbook and team training space, that has been insane! In the best way possible. It is big, robust, beautiful, thoughtful.”

This training space and SOP manual brought order and serenity to her team management processes. Now each team member has the resources they need to confidently complete and troubleshoot their personal tasks, take on new responsibilities, turn to if they have questions, and reference if they ever need a reminder of company policy and standards!

Even more, her personalized team management dashboard and KPI tracker, easily let her have a bird’s eye view of every project, program, and even of every individual team member’s performance! These carefully catered ClickUp views allow her to see information like who is behind on tasks, what tasks have been completed or are still outstanding, team member workload, time spent on certain projects, and so much more! 

Of her program management process, Shannon says that having systemized processes in place has allowed her and her team to efficiently provide an even more white-glove experience for students than ever before. 

Of the user experience, Shannon says, “The user experience, the customer journey is so clean, it’s so white-glove. They feel really good about it, which is so important to me. But then on the backend, we didn’t even know what was possible with the amount of automations that ClickUp has. This stuff that I didn’t know we could do to create even more of a dialed-in white-glove service. It was something super exciting to me that you guys were able to figure it out on our behalf.”

Overall, Shannon and her team now have the capacity to expand their business, grow their clientele list, and build their team. This is thanks to their foundation of solid internal management systems that are ready to grow right along with them. 

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How The Social Bungalow Enhanced Their White-Glove Student Experience With ClickUp

January 25, 2023