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Being an entrepreneur is cute, 'til your drowning in paperwork and have no pulse on what your team is doing.
What if you didn't have to wear every hat? What if you didn't have to track down updates for every project you have going on with every team member?
How are you gonna keep building up a business that's breaking you down?

VIP ClickUp Setup

Our White-Glove VIP ClickUp Setup Service 


I was able to stay in my CEO lane + not have to do all this work myself when I am not able to take that much time away for systems work.
-Jordan Gill, Systems Saved Me

"I looooooved working with Team SU. So so good."

When you started your business, you had a vision and a purpose that filled you with so much joy that you couldn't help but share it with the world. 

But... sure enough, your vision and your purpose turned to 12-hour days and burnout, and that passion you once had? It's hidden behind the tears & under the mountains of paperwork.

With the VIP experience of a ClickUp Setup, we want to help you clear that mountain of paperwork and run your business like the badass, independent CEO that you are.

So, let us take care of the organizing. You can take care of things that matter more

We see you...

When you started your business, you didn't realize it meant doing every single little thing yourself.

We don't just hop into your systems, take over and run you over in the process. Every step of the way we're providing you with updates, asking for your feedback, and making sure everything feels in line with your business. Yes, we provide many streamlined, intuitive options, but the end goal is to make YOU feel comfortable in your business.

We Partner WITH You

Beyond setting up JUST your ClickUp, we are also integrating it with any of your currently used platforms. We will make recommendations for ways to streamline your platforms for improved efficiency + flow. This isn't a one-and-done project. We set you up so that you are able to continually audit your systems and update them with ease. 

Auditing + Integration

We stand firm in our stance that more is NOT better. More platforms = more updates, more tech, more support chatbots, and more headaches. Our goal is to create a system for you that is efficient and lean. We want you to work smarter, not harder.

Lean Systems

3 Ways Our Approach is Different...

Results our clients see...

Gaining a business management tool that will translate into much higher team efficiency, allowing you to serve clients better - which is the ultimate goal.

Business goals are now achievable rather than just a distant dream because you're confident in the systems and processes in place to get there.

No longer constantly swamped with work because the processes and systems are all set up to work smoothly so that you can spend the time you get back growing your business and helping more clients.

Gaining a smooth client experience that you're proud of and you're no longer worried about missing tasks because everything is set up so seamlessly.

"Team SystemsUp knows how to create an exceptional customer experience. From a seamless onboarding process to a beautifully built-out workflow, they truly overdeliver." 
-Jen Casey

"White glove experience, start to finish!"

...during Phase 1 we audit your business and it's current operational system. We are looking for ways we can optimize your internal ops, team, programs/services, etc. to pinpoint where we can streamline your workflows + processes AND save you money.

We believe data should drive decision making. 

phase 1: AUDIt +

During Phase 2 you'll get to visualize a brand-new setup that is catered to your personal biz vision.

When all you see is the internal operations of YOUR business, it's hard to imagine what your business could look like with a different foundation and framework.

Phase 2: Framework

...during Phase 3 we bring all of the nitty-gritty details into your new framework along with recommended workflows so you can visualize what your new streamlined business will look like.

We don't leave you hanging after the framework is created...

phase 3: Details + worklfows

...AND integrating your other essential platforms for an optimal workflow. Phase 4 is taking you out of the mundane task creation and constant check-ins with your team.

The icing on the cake - implementing various automation for your day-to-day processes... 

phase 4: automations + integrations


This team is seriously beyond amazing. White glove experience, start to finish!!! You should teach a masterclass to agency owners on curating an A+ customer experience! 
-Jen Casey

"White glove experience, start to finish!!"

Before EE my systems and processes were all over the place, and I couldn't keep track of clients or how long I was spending on project work.Now I have clear processes, a client journey that exceeds my client's expectations and for the first time in my business, I feel organized and in control."
-Laura Coddington

"Working with SU has allowed my business to start scaling & to provide a better experience for my clients. "

...And still feel like I'm getting /more/ done than I was before! My clients and team have often commented on loving their onboarding process, and have even raved about it on social media (before we even started working together). Now THAT'S good.

"Working with Team SU helped set up the business systems that allowed me to go from 10 hour work days to 5 hour work days.


Pay in Full: Starting at $8500 
Payment Plans Available

* $500 Deposit Required to Reserve Your Spot

+One 60 minute strategy call
+ Thorough audit of your business's current operations systems
+ Customized ClickUp Setup + Build Out
+ Full Integration + Automation Setups 
+ 1:1 ClickUp Dashboard access to Team SU
+Tutorials, SOPs & Trainings for you and your team
+2 Weeks Post Project Support
+Additional Calls Will Be An Additional Charge

what's included:

VIP ClickUp Setup

You have Monday-Friday support via your ClickUp Dashboard from the entire team for the duration of your project plus two extra weeks of support post project wrap up. 

Daily ClickUp Support

Team SU records a walkthrough training of how to use your brand new systems.

Customized Video Trainings

**Contingent Upon Client Response Time

1.5-2 Month Setup + Build Out

What your time working with us is like is like...

We don’t just see unfinished lists, chaotic calendars, and businesses in dire need of a deep clean. We see the CEO that needs a break, a hug and a vacation on the white sands of Bora Bora. Because we know that you started your biz with passion in your heart and fire in your eyes. But somewhere along the way things got messy and unorganized, and the flame started to go out. 
We’re here to relight it.

meet your setup team!

The supportive, streamlining, systems savants you need, like, yesterday.





You used to have an entire life outside of your biz. And you could have that again. 

You need more out of your biz, and your life, and that all starts with implementing lean systems and scaling your biz.

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