ClickUp Case Study With Content Creation Specialist, Lyrik Fryer

Check Out What Lyrik Fryer Had To Say About Working With SystemsUp!

The Low Down

Lyrik Fryer is invested in changing the way you create content and show up online. With several years of experience in the branding & marketing industries, she wanted to create high-quality content at an affordable cost. Her goal is to give business owners the control and confidence to launch and scale their online presence! With her ever growing client base and chaotic internal management systems, Lyrik invested in us to help her build out systems to support her growth.

Our goal in building out ClickUp for Lyrik was to organize her business to accommodate for her rapidly growing internal team and clientele list. We focused on consolidating her client management and onboarding systems so that both processes were prepared to keep up with her accelerated business expansion.



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About Lyrik Fryer

Lyrik works with her mom as a mother-daughter duo invested in changing the way you create content and show up online. After years in the branding & marketing industries they were tired of hearing about the ridiculous amount of money business owners had to spend to create online content. They asked themselves, “We aren’t even comfortable spending that amount of money on our own brand, why would you?”

They knew there HAD to be a better way.

So they listened, created, and refined the Workplay method in 2019 and have been using the exact proven process to launch businesses on social media all over the country. The results have been astronomical!


Check Out What Lyrik Had To Say About Working With SystemsUp


Systematized Onboarding And Team Management

Prior to working with us and during the setup itself, Lyrik’s team was experiencing rapid internal growth. In order to keep up with their growing client list, they were hiring at an unprecedented rate. Due to a lack of structured onboarding and organized internal management, these new team members were struggling to understand their responsibilities and complete their projects without being seriously dependent on Lyrik and other senior team members.

Of this, Lyrik says, “I realized that I was my own bottleneck when it comes to the
control over the systems that I had.” Lyrik knew she could no longer constantly field the throng of team member questions and manage a growing client list simultaneously.

With this in mind, we focused on building an onboarding process inside of ClickUp that would clearly define the responsibilities for the role itself as well as give all team members the knowledge and resources to troubleshoot and find answers to their own questions.

This system included team and project management dashboards, a KPI tracker, integrating her multiple teams all into ClickUp, and consolidating communication platforms.

In addition to this, we built a framework for the rest of her internal management systems (internal operations, team management, visionary management, content creation management, etc.) so we could keep the systemized momentum from her onboarding process rolling throughout the business!


Creating A Seamless Client Management System

Prior to working with us, Lyrik and her team had a growing influx of clients that was becoming increasingly harder to manage. Each client project had a myriad of moving pieces and a very specific and complex content creation process. They were struggling to keep track of each project’s details such as who had what add-ons and timelines. 

Lyrik remembered how “You don’t even realize how much it’s holding you back until you get the new systems. It sometimes takes getting up to the boiling point of, ‘What is happening in our business?’ That’s how you know your systems need a revamp. And I think that was huge for us. Working with old systems it’s like nothing is really streamlined, like you don’t really know what you don’t know.”

Lyrik knew her team was at that critical boiling point and that perfecting her internal systems, namely client management, was the only solution that could put out the fire.

With ClickUp, we were able to completely streamline her client management system. It was no longer this ominously complex beast, but a manageable and customizable template that gave Lyrik the consistency she needed to run her business internally, without compromising her ability to customize her projects personally to each client. 

To build this streamlined process within ClickUp, we created systems for tracking client content creation add-ons and client support questions. We also built out their SOP manual to manage system updates with ease and to give new team members a reference for their responsibilities if they have questions. To top it all off, we found places for strategic and intentional automations to reduce manual work, consolidated duplicate pieces of information into one consistent storage space, and optimized their client travel tracking system.


The Results

Since working with us, Lyrik has been able to smoothly grow both her team and her client base! In fact, during our inquiry call, Lyrik only had 3 employees, at the end of our ClickUp setup, she had 14! Lyrik says, “There are so many pieces that happen on their own now in the background, that actually makes the team more efficient. And so there’s less ‘me’ management of the team and more of ClickUp managing the team.”

In addition, she noted that “There’s an automation piece to it that I didn’t even realize that I needed that we now have. I think there’s a lot of misconceptions about automation and what that truly is. And in this instance, it truly is what it sounds like. A tech automation where you are able to be more hands off in those more manual step touches within a process.”

Through building out her onboarding and team management systems, Lyrik has been able to stop micromanaging all of her team’s content creation projects and questions and finally become the visionary of her business again. She is able to dedicate her time to the future and where she wants to take her business next without having to worry about whether her systems can keep up with her dreams.

Lyrik remembers how difficult it was to hand over all of her systems into the hands of someone else because of the complexity and detail of her old internal processes, she says, “I was scared, we have such a unique model. We do so much in such a high touch process. I’m like, ‘Are you going to be able to get it? And are you going to be able to deep dive as deep as I like? Can you meet me where you are?’ And you guys completely dissolved all those fears.”

Now, Lyrik is able to onboard team members and clients alike at an unprecedented rate with nothing but growth on the charts for the future!

She perfectly sums it up with this statement, “Before, I was creating systems for where we were at, not for the future.”

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ClickUp Case Study With Content Creation Specialist, Lyrik Fryer

October 26, 2022