Welcome to our ClickUp case study with agency CEO, Ariel Schiffer!

The Low Down

Dreampro is on a mission to vastly improve the quality of learning in the online industry. With 80% faith and 20% strategy, Ariel invested in her dream business by creating systems that would grow with her.

Our goal in building out Dreampro’s ClickUp was to create a system that allowed Ariel to prep for business growth. We also focused on creating a seamless backend in order to give her clients the white glove experience they deserved. 


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About Ariel 

Ariel Schiffer is a 6-figure CEO and Founder of Dreampro, the host of The Dreamers Lounge Podcast and holds a Masters in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. After working with large corporations from Diesel to Lowes Ariel shifted her career from the corporate world to the online business space. 

She offers expertise in creating courses and programs with a mission to improve the quality of education and offerings in the online space. She has successfully served over 200 entrepreneurs by developing binge-worthy courses through her detailed service offerings.


Prepping For Future Growth

Early last year, Ariel started to envision the growth she wanted for her biz and her team. She realized that she needed a system that could help them implement their course creation services strategically.

Before coming to us, she was using Asana to manage her biz. Although Asana is a great tool, Ariel needed a tool that would allow her to operate her biz at the next level. Ariel said that she wanted to “prep for the business that wanted to have versus coming up with a solution that just okay for now”.

So we set out to build ClickUp in a way that would allow Ariel to formalize her course creation process and manage all of the moving pieces of running an agency with ease.

In order to support Ariel’s long-term goals, we focused on creating ClickUp as a one-stop-shop. We set up systems for managing company resources, setting and tracking goals, organizing internal operations, and so much more.

We also systemized Dreampro’s ClickUp to prep for team expansion including task management and team onboarding. 

By creating a centralized space for Dreampro to operate, we gave Ariel peace of mind and confidence in running and growing her business.


Creating A White-Glove Client Experience

Another important piece of Dreampro’s setup was creating a white-glove client experience. Running an agency can pose challenges when it comes to client management. So, we took Dreampro’s client management system and turned it into a high-touch experience for the client.

In order to achieve this, we focused heavily on creating a streamlined process for their course creation services that they could rinse and repeat while still leaving room for personalization. We built a system where the team can clearly see all project aspects and personal responsibilities all while allowing the client to transparently see the process unfold before them. 

We also created a client dashboard to keep all of the client-facing materials organized. This creates a centralized location for client communication where the client can be in the know at all times.

Ariel says that “this has enabled our agency to really have a rinse and repeat method in terms of how we onboard our clients, how we give them information, how we connect as a team” and has enabled her to have more freedom as a creative.

The Results

Even though Dreampro’s process has shifted since their ClickUp Setup, they are able to update their workflows with ease. Systems, like all things in business, have to shift over time to accommodate for growth and change. 

After building out Dreampro’s ClickUp, Ariel says “everything that Courtney and her team set up for us is basically exactly the same. They gave us the framework that we needed. And now when we make updates to our processes, if things shift, if we do things a little bit differently, it’s not like we have to start from scratch, we have such a solid foundation.” – Ariel Schiffer

Having a streamlined client management process in ClickUp has allowed Dreampro to reduce internal team communication, streamline client communication, increase transparency, create a more professional and high-touch client experience, and maximize overall productivity. 

As Dreampro has grown, ClickUp has truly grown with them and become the backbone of their business. For example, they have started to experiment with more ClickUp features. This has allowed them to track fundamental data to maximize productivity for their course creation services. Having data naturally integrated within the platform has been a game-changer for their business. 

In addition, the platform has allowed them to experience massive team growth with ease and efficiency. Because they had the necessary systems set up for team management, they didn’t scramble to prep for team growth; instead, it was already prepped for them.

By utilizing ClickUp, Dreampro has been able to consistently and strategically up-level their business. And they have done so all while saving time and stress and while staying true to their mission.

Overall, Ariel says that it’s a peace of mind to have everything in one place and that ClickUp is  “wonderful for an agency model. So for anybody who has Trello or Asana and you’re looking to really create a solid agency, I think those platforms will only get you so far. If you want something that can grow with you, take the time upfront, and the energy and the resources and all the things to really get something that’ll last you.”

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ClickUp Case Study With Course Creation Agency CEO, Ariel Schiffer

February 23, 2022