Today we are talking all about productivity and community for mom entrepreneurs with Tabitha Crocker. Tabitha is a Productivity Coach who is passionate about helping new mom entrepreneurs to leverage their time and energy using proven productivity techniques and scalable strategies. 


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Meet Tabitha

Tabitha is a Productivity Coach who is passionate about helping new mom entrepreneurs to leverage their time and energy using proven productivity techniques and scalable strategies. She empowers you to crush your business goals without guilt or burnout. She’s addicted to bulletproof coffee, personal growth books, and family dance parties.

As a blogger, course creator, coach, and mom with a B.A. Psychology and Masters in Business, Tabitha runs her productivity coaching business while raising her son and daughter with her husband in Alaska.


What Are Your Top Tips For Productivity For Stay At Home Mom Entrepreneurs?

Tabitha says that her first tip for productivity is to get clear on your priorities. It’s super important to know your overarching goals.

Tabitha suggests starting with your life purpose and mission. Although this sounds intimidating to figure out, “there are really some simple steps that you can walk through to kind of figure out what that is for you. , what are your strengths? What are you good at? What do you enjoy? How do you want to share, like, make a positive impact in your family and in the world?”

Then, after you are clear on your purpose and mission, it becomes a lot easier to hone in on your priorities.

Tabitha’s second tip is to batch your tasks and figure out what your tasks are that require a lot of focus. From there, you can take the tasks that don’t require as much focus and get them done during the day whenever you have time.

For the tasks that require more focus, you’ll want to save those until you have time to sit down and really focus on your work.


What Are Your “4 Horseman of the Productivity Apocalypse”?

Tabitha talks about her 4 Horseman of the Productivity Apocalypse and how to overcome each of these roadblocks.

  1. Overwhelm: The remedy to this is to focus on your priorities.
  2. People-pleasing: The remedy to this is to establish clear boundaries and practice saying no.
  3. Multitasking/Task Switching: The remedy to this is to implement task batching.
  4. Procrastination: The remedy to this is accountability.


What Are Your Favorite Business Platforms?

Although Tabitha has used Trello since the beginning of her business and loves it, she has recently started to dive into ClickUp!

She also says that Trello is a great tool to get started storing information and to have everything in one place. However, ClickUp has allowed her more customizability and collaboration as her business grows.

Check Out ClickUp Here! (and use code SYSTEMSUP to get 30% off the Unlimited Plan or 15% off Business Plan)


How Can Moms Still “Plan” + Be Productive With Unpredictability And Shorter Sprints Of Working?

Tabitha uses what she calls her “aligned goal framework”. With this, you start with your life purpose and mission at the top. After that, you could have a 3 or 5 year goal or just go into your goal for this year.

After you have your goal for the year, Tabitha then breaks that into quarters, months, weeks, and days. In her membership, she teaches her community this exact method for prioritizing and weekly planning! Download Tabitha’s free aligned goal framework here!

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Check Out ClickUp Here! (and use code SYSTEMSUP15 to get 15% off the Unlimited and the Business Plan!)



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Productivity + Community For Mom Entrepreneurs With Tabitha Crocker

May 4, 2022