ClickUp Case Study With Private Stylist and Wardrobe Manager, Nicole Russo

Check Out What Nicole Russo Had To Say About Working With SystemsUp!

The Low Down

Nicole Russo is the founder of Let’s Get You, a full-service in-person and digital personal styling and wardrobe management company. With plateaued business growth and messy client management, Nicole invested in us to help her build out systems to support her growth.

Our goal in building out ClickUp for Nicole was to organize her business to allow for streamlined growth and expansion. We focused on consolidating her client management system into ClickUp and creating team management and hiring systems to allow for ease when scaling her business. 



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About Nicole Russo

Nicole Russo is the founder of Let’s Get You, a full-service in-person and digital personal styling and wardrobe management company. Nicole has been a private stylist and personal shopper for nearly a decade, with a fashion resumé that includes top brands such as J.Crew and Theory. From 2013 to 2018, she had a senior sales & client relations role at NET-A-PORTER.

Based in NYC since 2018, LGY offers premier in-person and digital styling experiences as well as multiple digital products that help overachievers dress more stylishly effortlessly (without the hours lost shopping or trying on). In weeks, we give people a complete wardrobe of confidence-boosting outfits that reflect their success, are easy to pull together, and fit like a dream. 

The brand has been featured in Fast Company,, and Bustle. Nicole hosted a 3-part web series for Fast Company called “Styled For Success” and has conducted style webinars for WeWork and MIT. Clients include members of the Saudi Royal family, Google executives, Samsung VP’s, Hinge C-suiters, NYTimes journalists, and – most likely – that hot dad at pickup.


Check Out What Nicole Russo Had To Say About Working With SystemsUp


Creating A Consolidated Client Management System

Before working with us, Nicole got to a point where her business systems prevented her from taking on more work. She felt like everything was going to collapse if she took on any more clients or projects. Before ClickUp, she was managing her clients by using Google Sheets and Docs for her use and for client-facing use. This meant she spent a lot of time searching for correct documents, sending documents to clients, and ultimately, it didn’t allow for a streamlined process.

We focused on building out ClickUp to support Nicole’s entire client management system. We took her Google Sheets and Docs and built them out into systems in ClickUp. From lead management to client management, we created a cohesive, streamlined approach to Nicole’s client management system.

With ClickUp, we also built out client-facing lists and dashboards so Nicole could collaborate easily with her clients. Through this, Nicole is now able to offer a cleaner, more professional presentation to her clients upon onboarding. She is able to easily share lists and links through ClickUp and keep everything consolidated. Having all of her client details and tasks in one place allows her to manage clients and retrieve information quickly.

We were also able to adapt Nicole’s lead and client management process to allow for customizations with each client. Because Nicole’s packages are highly customizable to each client, we left places for customizations while still creating a rinse and repeat process. She is able to have a place for each client where she can serve their unique needs and track their package customizations so nothing falls through the cracks.


Prepping Team And Hiring Management Systems For Scalable Growth

Prior to working with us Nicole was so consumed with the day-to-day operations and serving her clients. This prevented her from having time left to work on any other areas in her business.

She knew she needed to onboard a team member to scale, but then realized she couldn’t onboard them into chaos. With a messy Google Drive and notes on her phone, she realized she would have to spend so much time training them or micromanaging them. However, with a fast-growing business, she wasn’t able to build team management systems and didn’t even know where to start.

With ClickUp, we built out the framework for team hiring and management so Nicole could grow her team with ease. We focused on creating team management systems and onboarding systems so every piece of managing a team could be handled in ClickUp.

For example, we built out areas that would be private to Nicole when managing her future team and other areas that would be public to the team. We also systemized Nicole’s SOPs to allow for ease when onboarding team members. Also, we created systems to manage hiring applications, onboarding tasks, a team training program, and all of the day-to-day operations. We knew that with every piece of her business in ClickUp, Nicole would be able to onboard new team members into a solid and manageable business and platform. 

ClickUp has allowed Nicole to manage and delegate to her team without feeling like she is micromanaging because she can see an overview and get a pulse easily on her team. With ClickUp, Nicole is able to easily see due dates, assign tasks, and get a pulse on project status with the click of a button. 


The Results

After working with us, Nicole has been able to spend time working in more areas of her business. She has also onboarded her first team member! She says that “there’s less stuff that gets slipped through the cracks and I no longer feel compelled to procrastinate as much.”  With ClickUp, she is also able to easily move around and compartmentalize specific pieces of projects if needed. Nicole says that ClickUp has “made me a lot better at feeling okay with how much I get done because I can see how far I’ve come.” 

ClickUp has allowed her to onboard and manage her team with ease. Nicole says that “if I’m setting up an assignment for my virtual assistant, I can then task it out, do it right, and do it in a way that is not only efficient and detail-oriented. I also don’t feel like there’s tremendous back and forth with him. I don’t feel like I have to be as compelled to like, micromanage it.”

In addition, by building out future hiring and team management systems in ClickUp, Nicole is able to grow her systems alongside her business growth. Nicole says that “now I feel like there’s a presentation and the system in place where they could just dive in. And I don’t have to worry about even like, what is that system? It’s kind of already there . . . It’s like a recipe for success.” 

Nicole also says that ClickUp has helped her clients feel more hands-off because they already know where everything is. They also feel more confident in everything being accessible in one place. It has been “saving them time and frustration in ways that didn’t know.”

Having all of her clients in one place has also increased productivity and accuracy when managing clients. Nicole is now able to offer her clients a one-stop shop where they can access all pieces of their projects. 

Nicole says that this has “reduced questions, which is nice. And it’s reduced a lot of back and forth. So I think it’s always good for the client also to feel like, they don’t have to bother me. They get to kind of have a one-stop shop for everything that actually does work.”

Overall, ClickUp has allowed more ease and efficiency as Nicole scales her business. From onboarding her first team member to managing her clients all in one place, Nicole has been able to feel more confident and comfortable running her business.

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ClickUp Case Study With Private Stylist and Wardrobe Manager, Nicole Russo

July 6, 2022