ClickUp Case Study With Multi-Business Owner, Evy Andra

Check Out What Evy Andra Had To Say About Working With The Elevate Effect!

The Low Down

Evy Andra is a multi-passionate, multi-business owner on a mission to serve others. As a multi-business owner with growing teams, Evy invested in us to help her build the foundation to support not only her businesses but her personal life as well.

Our goal in building out ClickUp for Evy was to create a centralized location for her to manage all of her businesses while supporting her family and personal life. We focused on creating a consolidated workspace where she and each of her teams could support the growth of her businesses.



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About Evy Andra

As a multi-passionate woman, Evy has truly built herself from the ground up. With 12 years of experience as a hairstylist, her pivot into entrepreneurship and business + life coaching has been the foundation of how she shows up to serve others. 

Her signature “if I can do it, so can you” attitude has inspired countless women to follow their dreams and realize that they really can have it all. She resides in Kansas with her husband, Joe, who is a fellow business owner, and their two children, Highland and Stirling. 


Check Out What Evy Andra Had To Say About Working With The Elevate Effect

Creating A Seamless Experience For Multi-Business Management

As Evy’s businesses continued to grow, she found that it became difficult to stay organized. With endless Google Docs, Googled Sheets, and Apple Notes it was overwhelming to find information and delegate to her teams.

Evy says that she and her teams “knew that we needed something to create a little bit more consistency in how we were communicating with each other, but also just one centralized place where everything lived that was more organized.”

With that in mind, we set out to create one ClickUp Workspace to manage each of Evy’s businesses in ClickUp. We wanted to allow for each business to exist individually while also existing within one Workspace. We also focused on creating a space to allow her to manage her personal life within ClickUp.

Because Evy has team members who work within her multiple businesses, it was important for us to create specific spaces for each business. From there, we could play with the privacy and permissions of each team member. This allows each team member access to the pieces they need to succeed in their roles.

We set up different parts of each business in their own spaces so Evy could easily “visualize and see everything in one place to quickly move from one to another.” With so many moving pieces, we were able to create one consolidated Workspace to manage all of Evy’s businesses while still allowing for detailed work on each business individually. 

As a multi-passionate woman, it was also important for Evy to manage pieces of her personal life within ClickUp. With this, we created a space dedicated to Evy’s personal life so she could further support her family and herself.


Consolidated Team Management

As Evy says, “when you’re starting to set up multiple businesses, especially if you have teams inside of these, you want really to be able to have a good overview of what’s happening in each space without having to actually be in there.” Team management is a crucial piece of running a business and can easily be managed in ClickUp.

Through ClickUp, we were able to build out resources for Evy to manage her team with ease. We built areas for Evy to share information with her team so she could continue to delegate in her business. This included meeting agendas, team KPI tracking, passwords management, recurring task management, and so much more.

We build out ClickUp so that “every piece of information that somebody needs to really take over or manage things in business . . . has the ability to get on and find all that information.” 

We also took her detailed salon training program from a printed workbook to a built-out program in ClickUp. This has allowed Evy to easily add to and edit the program to support future team growth. And Evy will be onboarding their first team member through the up-leveled ClickUp training program soon!

Overall, Evy says that it’s been “so nice to be able to get on and just see, not only what I need to be doing in that day but to see what everybody else is doing, to see what work has been done, and to know that everything is still progressing and moving forward. And it’s not just a thought or a text or an email that’s been sent. It’s living somewhere. It has a due date it has somebody supposed to take care of it. It’s got all the information inside of there.”


The Results

Even through shifts in her businesses, Evy has continued to evolve her ClickUp. After working with us, Evy now has more tools and resources to support her team, herself, her family, and the growth of her businesses.

With so many moving pieces and team members, ClickUp has allowed Evy to continue to delegate more in her businesses. It has also allowed her to keep a better pulse on all of her business. Evy says that “out of all of the investments I made last year in my business, 100% ROI was on you guys, absolutely.”

With ClickUp, everything in Evy’s setup is constantly evolving. But she has found it easy to add things in and tweak her setup along the way. Evy says that working with us gave her “the knowledge continue to utilize and build out lists and all of the things to make our businesses function and work really well.”

Through working with us, Evy was able to learn about how ClickUp can function in different ways for different needs. She has been able to build out new areas and resources to further manage her businesses as they grow. For example, Evy has created more places for client management and even a list to manage meal planning for her family! 

Through ClickUp, we were also able to create more consistency and efficiency for her team members. This has helped streamline team communication and the overall management of each of her teams. She went from having shared phone notes and endless Google Docs to having everything in one place. This has allowed her teams to easily access information so they can proactively support the growth of her businesses.

Overall, Evy says that it has been a game-changer “being able for me to visualize and see everything in one place to quickly move from one to another. And ultimately, that’s what’s made the biggest difference in having multiple businesses. And again, personal life of just having one place that I go to. I don’t have to skip through a million different calendars, I don’t have to go through different notes or Google Docs or sheets to try to find all of the things. It’s just all in one place.”

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ClickUp Case Study With Multi-Business Owner

April 6, 2022