Today we are talking all about streamlining your business with Kajabi with Elizabeth Averyanova. We will be diving into how to elevate your business with Kajabi and impactful design!


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Meet Elizabeth

Elizabeth Averyanova is a web designer, brand strategist, and founder of Studio Classica. Elizabeth helps purpose-driven female entrepreneurs, coaches, and service providers scale their businesses with impactful, beautiful branding and design to attract dream clients, elevate their online presence, and book out their offers while creating a lasting impact in the world.

Her branding and design studio, Studio Classica, specializes in strategic, all-in-one Kajabi websites, high-converting sales pages, and online coaching program launches! She has helped numerous coaches & women entrepreneurs with 6-figure online coaching program launches, impactful and effective landing page creation, and behind-the-scenes business systems that free up your time from daily tasks – without the design or tech overwhelm.

As an American designer living in Europe, Elizabeth co-founded her design and architectural studio with her husband in 2012 and has served 500+ design clients over the 9+ years of being an online design entrepreneur. 


How Does Kajabi Help With Streamlining Your Business?

Overall, Kajabi can help eliminate platforms in your business. A big issue Elizabeth sees is that business owners are utilizing so many different platforms which leads to overwhelm and a loss of productivity. Kajabi offers a lean system by eliminating the need for a ton of tools.

Elizabeth says that “there’s a lot of different ways Kajabi can help you streamline. But the biggest is just really simplifying your courses, your memberships, your coaching programs, and connecting that all with your free often your free master classes, and then tying that all together with your email marketing, and then tying that all together with your payment systems.” Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that is great for both new entrepreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs. 

Through its all-in-one capabilities, it allows you to elevate your client experience. Elizabeth talks about how with Kajabi, you can create a seamless branded experience. From your sales page to your courses to your emails, Kajabi allows you to create an experience that is “meaningfully designed and also functions seamlessly.”


What Are Some Of The Pros And Cons Of Kajabi?

Elizabeth talks about how Kajabi is not a tool for everyone. Although she finds a lot of success with entrepreneurs who use Kajabi, it’s important to evaluate if it’s the right tool for you. 

Some questions to ask yourself to figure out if it is right for you are:

1. Are you comfortable with everything being all on one platform?

Although Kajabi has the capability to house your course, landing pages, process payments, and so much more, you might find that a different platform works better for you for one of those capabilities. For example, you might want to have your main website hosted somewhere else like Showit or WordPress. 

2. Are you tech-savvy?

If you are super tech-savvy, Elizabeth says there are more advanced tools out there that could work for you. For example, there are tools that will allow you more technical freedom when designing your website.

On the other hand, if you aren’t, then Kajabi is a great solution for that. It has a very user-friendly user interface and is a tool that can grow with you as you learn more about technology.

3. Are you design-savvy?

Although Kajabi has a simple interface, in order to make things truly all-out branded, it’s not the easiest for customizations. However, once the design is created, it’s easy to edit! So if you just need someone to help you out with designing it, it is easier to maintain than some other platforms!


Where Should Someone Start With Kajabi?

Elizabeth advises new Kajabi users to start with one paid offer or one freebie. By doing this, it allows you to acclimate to the platform while working on something that will push your business forward.

For example, Elizabeth talks about how starting with a paid offer helps you make monetary ROI in your business. Whereas starting with your free offer helps you grow your email list!

If you’re looking for more support in streamlining your business with Kajabi, check out Elizabeth’s freebie, the Essential Checklist for Starting Your Kajabi Platform.


What Are Your Tips For Auditing Your Kajabi?

With all systems and processes, we need to make sure that we are evaluating them on a regular basis. As a best practice, it’s good to do this every 6 months if you can, but no less than once a year! 

Elizabeth recommends starting with a visual audit of your business to ensure your branding is clear. In other words, you want to make sure you are being strategic in how your brand is being presented to your ideal and current clients

Some things to look at when auditing your Kajabi:

  • Check all of your links to make sure none of them are broken
  • Update any old outdated checkouts
  • Archive or delete any unused checkouts
  • Look through old offers and delete or archive them
  • Delete or archive old email templates
  • Look through all of your landing pages and decide whether to keep them published or unpublish them

Although there is a lot more you can do when auditing your Kajabi, starting with the list above is a great jumping-off point!

What Is Your Favorite Productivity Hack?

Elizabeth says that since she had her first child, her work schedule has changed drastically. Although she used to work all day, she now has limited hours every day to get work done. 

From this, she has learned to “focus on the result that wants for a task instead of just the process of it.” In other words, instead of just focusing on client work. She now creates hyperspecific tasks for herself like “set up the Kajabi landing page for my new offer” in order to boost her productivity. 

This has allowed her to save so much time and has ultimately benefited the growth of her business. Instead of spending hours jumping around in random tasks, Elizabeth works towards a specific, strategic goal.

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April 13, 2022