Lyrik works with her mom as a mother-daughter duo invested in changing the way you create content and show up online. After years in the branding & marketing industries they were tired of hearing about the ridiculous amount of money business owners had to spend to create online content. They asked themselves, “We aren’t even comfortable spending that amount of money on our own brand, why would you?” They knew there HAD to be a better way.

So they listened, created, and refined the Workplay method in 2019 and have been using the exact proven process to launch businesses on social media all over the country. The results have been astronomical!

Meet Lyrik Fryer

The founder



10 to 15


0 - 20,000


Online Business Owners


5 Years

Years In Business


Lyrik Fryer

There are so many pieces that happen on their own now in the background, that actually makes the team more efficient. And so there's less ‘me’ management of the team and more of ClickUp managing the team.


Lack Of Streamlined Client Mgmt

Overall Chaotic Business Management

Messy Team Management +

The Challenge

With ClickUp, we streamlined Lyrik's client management process by creating a manageable and customizable template.

 This gave her the consistency needed to run her business internally, without compromising her ability to customize her projects personally to each client. 

Client Management

In ClickUp, we built a framework for the rest of her internal management systems (internal operations, visionary management, content management, etc.).

This kept the systemized momentum from her onboarding process rolling throughout the business!

Seamless Internal Management Systems

When building this system in ClickUp, we focused on creating an onboarding process that would clearly define the responsibilities for each role.

 As well as give all team members the knowledge and resources to troubleshoot and find answers to their own questions.  

Systemized Team
Management + Onboarding

Our Solution

Work With US

Consolidated business management hub within ClickUp for all teams.

More time for Lyrik to be the visionary of her business and focus on the creative process.

Systemized onboarding process with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

Continued business growth supported by a streamlined client management process.

The Results