As a multi-passionate woman, Evy has truly built herself from the ground up. With 12 years experience as a hairstylist, her pivot into entrepreneurship and business + life coaching has been the foundation of how she shows up to serve others.

Her signature “if I can do it, so can you” attitude has inspired countless women to follow their dreams and realize that they really can have it all. She resides in Kansas with her husband, Joe, who is a fellow business owner and their two children, Highland and Stirling.  


The founder

Beauty/Personal Care + Coaching


15 to 20


0 - 20,000




It's so nice to be able to get on and just see, not only what I need to be doing in that day but to see what everybody else is doing, to see what work has been done, and to know that everything is still progressing and moving forward. And it's not just a thought or a text or an email that's been sent. It's living somewhere. It has a due date it has somebody supposed to take care of it. It's got all the information inside of there.


Internal Management

Team Management

Messy Multi-Business Management

The Challenge

We set up ClickUp as a one-stop-shop for Evy's businesses as well as her personal life. 

Through ClickUp, we created more consistency and efficiency for her team members. Having everything in one place has allowed her teams to easily access information so they can proactively support the growth of her businesses.

Internal Management

Through ClickUp, we were able to build out resources for Evy to manage her team with ease. We built areas for Evy to share information with her team so she could continue to delegate in her business.

This included meeting agendas, team KPI tracking, passwords management, recurring task management, and so much more.

Team Management

We created one ClickUp Workspace to manage each of Evy’s businesses in ClickUp. We wanted to allow for each business to exist individually while also existing within one workspace.

We set up different parts of each business in their own spaces so Evy could easily visualize and see everything in one place to quickly move from one to another. 

Seamless Multi-Business Management

Our Solution

Ability to see an overview of all businessess while still allowing for detailed work on each business individually.

Continued business growth supported by streamlined systems.

Easier delegation and empowerment of team members to be proactive in the business.

Streamlined team communication and the overall management of all businesses.

The Results

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