Dr. Casey Murphy is a back and pelvic rehab specialist and the founder of Empower PT & Pilates. She believes there should be better access to GOOD healthcare that gets you REAL results and less turning people towards painkillers, injections, or surgeries which are only masking the problem.

Casey's a big believer that the body wants to thrive and feel it's best, it just needs to know how and be given the environment to do so, and that's where she comes in. At Empower they teach you what causes those little aches and pains, how to prevent them, and how to take charge of your health and body again! ​

Meet Dr. Casey Murphy

The founder



1 - 5


0 - 20,000


Women dealing with postpartum recovery, pelvic floor issues, chronic back/hip pain + concerns of slowing down 


8 Years

Years In Business


Dr. Casey murphy

Working with Courtney and her team was amazing. It was an incredibly organized and thorough process. And they truly worked with me to customize our setup for our business-specific needs.


Lack Of Team Onboarding + Management

Chaotic Lead
+ Client Management

Messy Business Management

The Challenge

We created a ClickUp Space dedicated to team training where Casey can map out every step in her training process.

We also built systems to support her team hiring and onboarding process. This included creating application forms directly in ClickUp to allow for a seamless process for reviewing and managing applications.

Streamlined Team Onboarding + Mgmt

We built out a streamlined lead and client management system for Casey to manage leads. In addition, we cleaned up and further systemized the lead and client journey process in ClickUp.

To do this, we built out automated subtasks for lead check-ins and client follow-ups to support lead nurture and client reactivation.

Seamless Lead
+ Client Management

With ClickUp, we were able to build out important pieces of Casey’s business operations. We built out numerous resources such as a home for recurring task management and places to track and manage sales.

With everything consolidated into ClickUp, we were able to completely eliminate Airtable to allow for more streamlined business management. 

Organized Business Management

Our Solution

Work With US

Increased confidence in creating and maintaining business systems.

Ease in locating and retrieving business information and documents.

Ability to reactivate past clients through systemized follow-ups and check-ins.

A seamless lead and client management system where nothing slips through the cracks.

The Results