Alisha owns ATvantage Athletic Training, a sports medicine staffing company, and ATvantage Academy, an education platform. She’s a rebel at heart and with the support of her husband, Maurice, they continue to build their dream life of freedom and flexibility.

Maurice is an entrepreneur and small business consultant. He comes from a tech background and possesses a meticulous nature. Maurice leverages those tools to take grand visions and identify the small details to help entrepreneurs efficiently execute.

Meet Alisha + Maurice

The founders

Staffing + Consulting


6 to 10


0 - 20,000


Athletic Trainer's + Businesses Looking to Start or Scale


10+ Years

Years In Business



[We are] able to have one ecosystem where all this activity can exist and I can pop into one area and see all the work that our team has done and get up to date right there as opposed to having to meet with them and figure out what happened.


Lack Of Streamlined Client Mgmt

Lack of Internal Operations Management 

Messy Team Management + Communication

The Challenge

We created a space where clients could see their project, their tasks, their timeline, and their deliverables all in one organized workplace.

They are able to instantly understand the status of their project and the action items that are currently in play moving it forward. 

Client Management

We created consolidated storage features to allow them to store historical data on everything.

When looking at the information for a client, all chats, notes, emails, etc. pertaining to that client are stored in one place. Eliminating the need to go searching for information.

Consistent Storage Methods + Locations

With ClickUp, we focused on creating internal systems and processes that would allow them to easily view what their team is working on and where they are currently at with that project.

These systems include a template for recurring tasks, an out-of-office time tracker, and a KPI dashboard.

Consolidated Team Management + Communication

Our Solution

Work With US

Continued business growth supported by streamlined systems.

Seamless client management pipeline + capacity to increase their clientele. 

Ability to manage multiple facets of business all in one place.

Enhanced ability to independently grow and train their internal team. 

The Results