Today we are talking all about building a business that grows with you with Lindsay Maloney. Lindsay is a business coach and host of the TOP Rated Podcast: Book Your Dream Clients. She is driven by her goal to help female entrepreneurs build 6-figure businesses by cultivating top-notch signature offers and customized client packages.   



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Meet Lindsay

Lindsay Maloney is a Business Coach, Host of the TOP Rated Podcast- Book Your Dream Clients & a homeschooling mom of 3. Lindsay helps female coaches create 6-figure businesses by building out their signature offers and designing dreamy client packages without the busy work. 

Not only has Lindsay built multiple 6-figure businesses while working full-time & homeschooling her 3 kids, she also has been featured on dozens of podcasts &  major platforms like Forbes, Thrive Global, and Lady Boss Blogger. 

Lindsay is on a mission to help women online coaches remove the hustle mentality, so they can have business & life they love and is in complete alignment with their ultimate dreams and visions.


What should business owners keep in mind when building a business that can scale and has recurring revenue?

Lindsay says the first step is simple: just start. Focus on one aspect of your business and get that set up. From there, you can scale this offer so that it eventually becomes a source of recurring revenue. 

In terms of creating an offer that is a source of recurring revenue, Lindsay states that the best approach to take is to create a place where people can learn from you that doesn’t require much of you. She then gives a few examples of what this could look like:

  • Courses
  • Memberships
  • Payment Plans
  • Communities 

And so many more! Lindsay then cautions to not feel pressured to ‘do everything at once.’ Just pick a method of recurring income that makes sense for your business and steadily cater your offer to this strategy. 


What is the biggest mistake you see entrepreneurs make when structuring their offers and building a business?

Lindsay’s answer is direct and clear: getting too attached to their offers. She explains that offers will need to change as your business grows.

She then gives 2 pieces of advice when it comes to modifying offers:

  • Show up in ways that work for your business, not someone else’s. 
    • Be aware of the needs that are specific to your business and be willing to adapt to them. Don’t make decisions simply because ‘they worked for someone else.’
  • Make and promote content that is relevant to your business. 
    • Putting yourself out there is a vital part of a growing business! The key is making sure the content you are promoting is catered toward your ideal client. 

Using these methods, Lindsay says, you show potential clients you can do what you are promising. This increases credibility and trust!


How can entrepreneurs break out from under the ‘student cap’ and step into their role as a CEO?

Lindsay starts by explaining that entrepreneurs tend to get stuck under a ‘student cap’ because it is safe and comfortable. Signing up for courses, communities, and tools is still technically ‘working on your business’ without really putting yourself out there. 

To break this cycle, Lindsay offers a solid piece of advice: Don’t take too much time to make a decision on something! Just make a decision and go! You can always pivot later if it’s not a good fit. 

Doing so will help you discover what works best for your business and scale it accordingly.


When business owners invest in trainings/education, how can they know which one is the best use of their time and money?

Lindsay states that there is one simple rule of thumb to follow when deciding to invest in some sort of training/education: Only invest in it if you absolutely need it to move your business forward.

From there, Lindsay says you also want to make sure that, once you are in the training program, you dedicate specific days for learning and specific days for implementation.

 This ensures you are making the most of your investment by applying what you learn.


How can business owners stay in the role of visionary and avoid burnout when building a business?

Boundaries. Lindsay asserts that having clear boundaries and sticking to them is the surest way to make sure your time and effort are going where you want them to when building a business.

She offers 3 steps to get these boundaries in place:

  1. Decide where you want your time to be going. What do you want to be focusing on in your life and business? 
  2. Articulate these boundaries to all relevant parties (clients, team members, etc.) and be very strict about keeping them.
  3. Pinpoint which tasks are draining you and figure out how to either delegate it, eliminate it or get it done.

Lindsay ensures that sticking to these boundaries will help you take back control of your time and your business. This paves the way for up-leveled offers, recurring income, and exponential scaling! 


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Building A Business That Grows With You With Lindsay Maloney

August 2, 2023

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