Shay Brown & Cassie torrecillas

Co-Founders, Bucketlist Bombshells

“Courtney was an absolute joy to have on our team for the past 6 months, particularly during large product launches. She’s incredibly positive, collaborative and supportive of other team members and presents herself professionally, which made her loved by our community and customers!

As a team member, she’s extremely dedicated to completing the tasks at hand and will treat your business as if it’s her own, which is a rare quality to find! As for communication, Courtney is extremely responsive and she worked with our team seamlessly across many different time zones which was a huge asset during our peak seasons.

Overall, we absolutely adore her and highly recommend working with her!”

Eveline Traxler

CEO, Eveline & Co.
“Courtney is one of the most committed, reliable Online Business Managers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Her attention to detail, systems/process brain, and superb project management skills made it an absolute pleasure to have her on my team.  Working with Courtney made a HUGE difference to my team and to the success of our clients – she used her analytical superpowers to streamline our processes, increase our profitability, and ultimately vastly improve our client experience. I would ABSOLUTELY recommend her to anyone looking to 10x their business growth – she’s a rockstar!”

becky cresto

owner, bsculpted
“Courtney was awesome to work with and was always on top of things! She consistently got back to me in a timely manner, is incredibly professional and was able to execute and capture exactly what I needed for my business! The confidence I have in Courtney to provide the assistance I needed was second to none. Not only am I confident in her skills, but her customer service as well. I would absolutely recommend Courtney! 5 stars!”


June 4, 2018