Today we are talking all about infusing personality into persuasive copy with Becca Mitchell. Becca is the founder of Black Diamond Copy Co., a copywriting studio with a focus on helping entrepreneurs create copy that captivates their audience and drives results.



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Meet Becca

Becca Mitchell is the founder of Black Diamond Copy Co., a copywriting studio that specializes in website copy and all supporting launch copy. Becca has proudly partnered with multi 6 + multi 7-figures businesses to craft original, compelling copy that keeps readers engaged and inspires them to take action.


What is the difference between sales and website copy? 

Becca starts by explaining that they serve different purposes. Sales copy is designed to get a reader to take a specific action. It’s converting leads using persuasive, clear, emotion-driven copy.

On the other hand, your website should focus on informing your readers about these three points:

  • What you do (products, services, etc.) 
  • What makes you different (from competitors in the same industry)
  • Your company values (what you stand for)

Making these points the main focus of your website copy establishes credibility and trust with your audience. 


How can business owners strike a balance between having copy that is direct and purpose-driven versus personality-focused?

Simply stated: It’s a balance.  

Becca continues by explaining that copy should be informative, but informative does not mean stuffy. It is a balance between being direct enough that readers are easily and quickly able to understand what you do, while also having enough personality to make readers connect with your business/brand. Making sure your copy has the right amount of personality will ensure it is engaging, relatable, and memorable. 


What is the most effective way to articulate feedback to a copywriter? 

Becca gives these 3 examples of effective feedback:

  • Give examples of specific words you would/wouldn’t normally use you
  • Give examples of how you would usually phrase common sentences or explanations
  • Know the main point you want to get across/what action you want your reader to take

And when reviewing writing from your copywriter, Becca encourages business owners to be specific about what they do/don’t like. The more pointed the feedback, the more the copywriter can cater to your brand voice!


How can business owners write copy that converts? 

To start, Becca explains that sales copy should lead your reader to a specific action. She emphasizes 3 points when writing:

  • Have a firm understanding of your ideal client
  • Highlight the benefits your ideal clients will receive from your product/service
  • Make the copy engaging! Becca states that if you think it’s boring, just assume everyone else does too!

Incorporating these suggestions will ensure your writing is catered to the needs of your ideal client.


What are some common mistakes people make when it comes to their copy?

In response to this question, Becca shares the 2 most common mistakes and how to avoid them:

  • Being overly complex/detailed
    • Becca explains that it’s best to write with the assumption that readers have no idea what you do! 
  • Using industry jargon
    • Avoid using any industry-specific words. Take the time to explain what you do in simple terms. It may seem oversimplified to you, but it won’t to everyone else!

She reiterates the importance of avoiding these mistakes by stating that if people come to your website and don’t understand what you do right away, they are going to leave. They’re not going to stay to figure it out! Becca concludes by saying that the key to avoiding these pitfalls is to strip away all your expertise and focus on the root of what you do.


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Infusing Personality Into Persuasive Copy With Becca Mitchell

July 19, 2023