Today we are talking all about using video marketing in your business with Victoria Levitan. Victoria Levitan is a video marketing coach for small business owners who are ready to scale their business with video and turn their viewers into paying customers.



Meet Victoria Levitan

Victoria Levitan is a video marketing coach for small business owners who are ready to scale their business with video and turn their viewers into paying customers. She teaches them easy-to-implement video & Youtube strategies and provides weekly content through her YouTube channel, group coaching program, and 1-on-1 intensives. 

While growing her video strategist business she has been featured in Honeybook Rising Tide Society, Good Advice Podcast, The Connected Yoga Teacher Podcast, and more. Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland, Victoria now lives with her husband in Alexandria, Virginia.


What Are Your Tips For Those Who Are Just Getting Started With Video Marketing?

Victoria says to start with Instagram Stories because it’s something that expires and deletes eventually. Instagram Stories is a great medium for practicing talking into the camera.

She also suggests outlining a few small talking points in as little or as much detail as you want. This will help you feel less nervous and more confident speaking on camera.

Victoria says that it’s also important to warm up your voice before recording a video. Even if you just talk for a minute or two beforehand, this helps you warm up your voice and helps you to start formulating thoughts and ideas.


How Can Business Owners Start Batch Filming Video?

Victoria stresses the importance of detailed planning when it comes to batch filming in your business.

Her tips include:

  1. Know the title of your video. This will allow you to understand your specific goal when filming so it’s easier to stay on topic.
  2. Know the date and time you want to film. This allows you to plan your schedule around your filming and know ahead of time that you need to be ready to film!
  3. Know how much time you are allotting for each video on that day. For example, Victoria suggests giving each video a time limit to avoid perfectionist tendencies. She even says to challenge yourself to schedule your “batch filming right before you have a meeting or something, because then you know you have to get it done.”
  4. Use an outline. Even if you only have time to jot down notes right before you go on camera, this will help you be confident in your topic.


How Can Business Owners Know Whether Or Not Video Marketing Will Serve Them?

To know if video marketing is a good choice for your business, Victoria says to ask yourself “do you feel like you’re enough 1:1 conversations with people in your audience?” If not, video is a great way to personally connect with people without actually being there.

In other words, if you feel like you aren’t capturing your audience or getting authentic engagement with them, try video! Victoria stresses that your audience wants to personally connect with you. And video is a great way to feel that connection and nurture relationships.

She also says that video marketing is great if you have some face-to-face with a client when you work with them. Whether it’s a sales call or weekly coaching calls, allowing your audience to see your face prior to working with you will build trust.


How Can Business Owners Repurpose Video Marketing Content?

Victoria talks about so many different ways to repurpose content. First off, if you are just getting started with video marketing, take your top blog posts and turn them into videos! After that, you can add that video to your blog itself to boost SEO and engagement.

She also suggests taking your videos and doing a teaser trailer for social media, using them in newsletters, or making them a part of your welcome sequence funnel.


What Are Common Mistakes You See When Creating A YouTube Channel?

Victoria talks about the common mistakes people make and how to combat them. This includes:

  1. Not using keywords in your video, title, and descriptions. Using keywords is so important to boosting SEO for your video.
  2. Not utilizing the description box strategically. You want to add links to your website and social media and offers. She says that you want to “give the viewer something that they can go to after they’ve watched your video.”
  3. Not having a custom thumbnail. Victoria suggests using Canva to create a simple thumbnail.
  4. Having an unclear title. You want to make sure to title the video in a way that a searcher will search.


What Are Your Favorite Tools To Use For Video Marketing?

Victoria’s favorite tools include:

  1. Canva for designing graphics. She likes Canva because it’s free, user-friendly, and has templates you can customize for your business. 
  2. Any free video editing software like iMovie. Victoria says to get started with a free software so you can get comfortable before investing in something more advanced.
  3. Final Cut Pro for a paid video editing software. She likes this software because it has a similar layout to iMovie.
  4. Adobe Suite for Photoshop and Lightroom.
  5. Loom for recording videos.
  6. Voice notes app on your phone to record and document ideas quickly

What Is One Piece Of Advice You Would Give Someone Who Is Starting To Use Video Marketing?

Victoria says “I think what you say is more important than how it looks. Because I see so many people get caught up in the perfectionism. And I certainly do as well at times. And I think that’s what holds people back the most. And I think as long as you know what you’re going to say, it doesn’t matter how it looks.”

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