Today we are talking all about creating an intentional Instagram strategy with Tori Overmyer. Tori is a founder of Thrive Business Development where she helps online coaches and supports them in building their offers, creating a social media strategy, selling, and launching.


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Meet Tori Overmyer

Tori Overmyer is a business coach and Founder of Thrive Business Development that helps online coaches and service providers develop a profitable and scalable business through coaching services and courses that support them in building their offers, creating a social media strategy, selling, and launching.

She specializes in organic Instagram growth and social selling without feeling salesy or uncomfortable!


What advice do you have for those who feel pressure to show up and create content all the time?

Tori talks about the importance of boundaries and keeping a healthy relationship with social media. She says that when using Instagram for your business, you don’t “have to be on it. 24/7 or do anything that you’re uncomfortable with or share anything that you don’t want to share.” 

To set boundaries, Tori suggests setting up “business hours” for Instagram just like you would with anything else in your business. Setting hours for Instagram can help you be more intentional with when you respond to your community.

In addition, it’s important to “focus on really impactful content and less of it instead of like a bunch of random content. So be really intentional with your content. That way, you don’t have to create as much of it, you can still really hit home with that ideal client, but using less content and in a more impactful way.”


How can we manage the pressure to respond on social media?

Tori stresses the importance of not using Instagram. Setting clear communication expectations with your clients in your contracts and initial lead conversations is key. 

When you set the tone for your client communication, your clients know what to expect from you. Setting these boundaries is important to ensure your conversations with clients remain organized and intentional.


What are some of your tips for selling with ease and authenticity? 

Tori says that the key is to always be building community and connections. When you focus on building relationships, conversations about your offers and services will naturally flow with those who are interested.

Tori also utilizes what she calls “permission-based selling”. For example, if you put up a series of polls on your Instagram stories and someone responds to it, that is permission to reach out to them.


What are some steps to take to create impactful content?

Tori says that the foundation of creating impactful content is knowing your ideal client. From there, you can create content buckets which are topics to create content around. She also suggests creating hard “no’s” for topics you definitely don’t want to talk about.

In addition, it’s important to come back and audit your ideal client and content buckets on a regular basis. Tori suggests doing this every couple of months. You want to make sure to add in anything new you have learned about your ideal client or any new content bucket ideas.


What is your favorite business platform?

It’s no surprise that Instagram is Tori’s favorite business platform. Tori utilizes Instagram to track her leads by using the saved folders feature. For example, she organizes her leads into cold leads, warm leads, and hot leads. 

From there, she saves posts to each folder so she can easily find their profile. This method helps keep things simple and lean for leads management!

Overall, Tori is all about setting boundaries and being intentional and impactful with Instagram. 

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Creating An Intentional Instagram Strategy For Your Business With Tori Overmyer

May 25, 2022