Nicholette von Reiche is the founder of The Canva Template Shop and The Passive Income Agency. Through her agency, Nicholette helps business owners turn passive income ideas into sales through strategy, design and systems.

Nicholette is taking a stance against one-size-fits-all frameworks. She believes the secret to success with passive income is in trailing your own path — a path in alignment with your genius, brand, and life.  


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You want to spend your valuable time inside of your project management system, looking for things, searching for things, duplicating things . . . And so with a little bit of structure, you can just save yourself a lot of time.


Lack Of Systems For
Future Growth

Chaotic Multi-Business Management

Messy Team Management

The Challenge

Seamless Systems For Future Growth

We focused on building out ClickUp to support Nicholette’s multi-business management. To do this, we created a space for each business to exist individually while also existing within one Workspace.

One huge piece was creating a system for Nicholette’s editorial calendars. For this, we created a way for each of her businesses’ editorial calendars to live separately with the option to view them both if needed. 

Multi-Business Management

With ClickUp, we were able to set up multiple views for projects so team members can view information in a way that makes sense for them.

Because of ClickUp’s robust features, it makes it easy to organize data and information and manipulate information based on team members' learning styles.

Team Management

Our Solution

With ClickUp, we were able to strategically systemize Nicholette’s businesses. ClickUp’s additional level of hierarchy as opposed to Asana helped us in streamlining Nicholette’s systems with ease.

In addition, ClickUp’s robust features for grouping and filtering data allowed us endless options for streamlining and growing Nicholette’s businesses. 

So much time saved in locating tasks, projects, and business information.

Ability to manage multiple facets of business all in one place.

Improved team management and overall management of business operations.

Ease in creating new projects and tasks due to ability to replicate what's already mapped out.

The Results

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