Susie Saltzman

Limitless And Scaleable Business Growth + Creating A Seamless Client Management System With ClickUp

Fine Jewelry Designer

Susie Saltzman offers an alternative to the traditional fine jewelry purchase. Her modern approach to timeless design embodies the brand mission – Make beautiful keepsakes that celebrate unique and personal milestones. Each design is effortless, easy to wear and offers something unexpected while still feeling as though it could have spanned generations past and those to come.

All materials used by Susie are sourced through environmentally responsible procedures, and great care is taken with the custom fabrication of each piece. Our goal is that everything from the experience to the finished product, be as close to perfect as humanly possible.

Proudly made in New York City.


Susie Saltzman

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- Susie Saltzman

"ClickUp has allowed me to let other people in my business. And it lets them track what we're doing really efficiently too. And it's just really opening up so many new opportunities for us to explore and get excited about as a business. So it's totally transformed how we'll be able to scale."



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Lover of custom, luxury and details!




What Susie Saltzman Had To Say About Working With Team SystemsUp

Before working us, Susie spent so much time managing her clients that she wasn't able to build systems for the rest of her business. 

Because of her chaotic client management system, she was unable to find the time to put into building out internal operational systems.

Lack Of Internal Operations Management

Prior to working with us Susie was working in such a chaotic way and wasn't able to hand anything off.

She was never able to step into any creativity in her business. She was acting as the bottleneck in her business and was unable to grow any further due to messy systems.

Prior to working with us, Susie’s client management system consisted of a chaotic Excel spreadsheet.

She was spending most of her day communicating with and managing clients. This made it difficult for her to focus on other areas of her business.

The Challenges

Business Growth

Chaotic Client Management System

- Susie Saltzman

"ClickUp has proved to be a success in helping not only my business and the way it functions, but the way I live my life.” 

In ClickUp, we also built out a home for passwords management and SOP management to allow Susie to keep everything organized as she grows.

With everything consolidated into ClickUp, Susie has been able to cut down the hours she spends on clients and focus that time on other pieces of the business.

With ClickUp, we were able to build out important pieces of Susie’s operations. We built out a robust list for Susie to track vendors so she could easily track and retrieve their contact information and details. 

We focused on creating ClickUp as a one-stop-shop to allow Susie to experience scaleable business growth.

We took her chaotic Excel spreadsheet and built it out into robust, manageable ClickUp lists.

With ClickUp, we were able to strategically systemize Susie’s client and lead management. ClickUp’s grouping and filtering features allowed us to set up multiple views for her system. This allows Susie to quickly see client and lead data at a glance.

Our Approach + Solutions

Seamless Client Management System

Limitless And Scaleable Business Growth

Operations Management

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- Susie Saltzman

“It's the first time and around 10 years of doing this, that I've actually been able to invite someone in to help me support the clients.”

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Continued team growth with ease and efficiency.

The Results For
Susie Saltzman

Continued business growth supported by streamlined systems.

Ability for delegation and empowerment of team members.

Increased quality of not only business functions, but also Susie's life.

More time for Susie to focus on the creative process in her business.

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