How To Streamline Your Team Onboarding Process

May 11, 2022

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We are walking you through our exact process on how to streamline your team onboarding process!

Onboarding team members is crucial to setting the tone for their role in your biz. Having a streamlined, clear onboarding process increases the chances of your team member enjoying their role on your team!


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The Hiring Process

Before you can onboard a team member, you need to work on developing your hiring process. To start, we recommend building out your org chart so you can get really clear on the gaps in your business.

After that, you can create a super detailed job description. We like to include things like responsibilities, a sample of tasks they will be completing, info about our company, and what would make a great candidate.

Then, we create our job application in ClickUp using their forms feature! Having our applications in ClickUp allows us to review applications with ease and also keep track of where applicants are in the hiring process.

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Prepping For Onboarding

To onboard a team member, it’s super important to have a training program. We personally create ours in ClickUp, but another great option to use is Trainual!

Things to build out in your training program include:

  1. Getting to know the company: In this section, include details about your team, your core values, your mission, etc.
  2. Platforms you use: For this, introduce your team members to the platforms you use, what they are used for, and why you use them.
  3. Task trainings: To build this out, you’ll want to make sure you have a detailed SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for every task. 
  4. Training expectations: You’ll want to include expectations for things like communication and response time so your team member is clear on what they should be doing. You also want to set expectations on how to communicate in what circumstances. For example, on our team, we use Slack for internal team communication and Zoom for our monthly team meetings.
  5. Training KPI’s: Include basic KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for your new team member to track during training. This could be things like completing all of their daily trainings, completing their daily Slack check ins, etc.


When it comes time to actually start onboarding your new team members, you want to make sure you welcome them to the company and take the time to clear up any initial questions or concerns. To do this, we like to start their first day with an onboarding meeting.

During this meeting, our agenda includes things like:

  • Introduce them to the team and start off with some fun ice breakers
  • Go over any training expectations
  • Walk them through their training program (and the platforms they will be using for their training program)
  • Answer any initial questions they have
  • Make sure they are logged into the essential platforms

During their training, we also create a Slack channel as a dedicated space for them to ask questions and update us on their progress. We also have a dedicated Friday check-in form for our team members to update us on the trainings they completed and ask any questions they may have. 

Team culture has been a vital part of building our team. We have found it beneficial to create an open door policy and encourage transparency among the team. In addition, creating a space for our team to ask questions while also encouraging them to share their ideas has allowed us to build a team of proactive, dedicated individuals!

It’s super important to always be open to tweaking your onboarding process. With each new team member, you will find ways to continue to uplevel your onboarding and training process.

All in all, taking the time to streamline your team onboarding process will make things easier for you, your team, and your new hires. Creating a team onboarding process that is clear and detailed will help your team members be more confident in their roles which in turn will help you continue to scale your biz!


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