Today we are talking all about strategically building your team to support scaling with Tatiana O’Hara. When it comes to all things strategy and team, Tatiana is my go-to and I’m so excited for her to join us in this episode!


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Meet Tatiana

 Tatiana O’Hara is an Agency & Team Operations Coach that helps successful, yet overwhelmed online business owners create the structure needed for their team & daily operations, so they can focus on scaling sustainably.

As a corporate leader turned business coach, she’s helped dozens of leaders optimize and build their team, and learn essential leadership skills that have yielded in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales growth. Through her signature RECOVER framework in her Grindaholics Anonymous coaching program her clients have been able to gain clarity around what tasks they should be doing and what types of things the team should be doing, resulting in better quality of life and company morale. Tatiana puts the focus on the things that matter most in our business- the people that run it! 

“I think this is something that we don’t talk about enough online. We talk all about how to market, how to sell, how to launch, but we don’t really learn how to actually run a company and how to put people in a position to run the company in your absence” – Tatiana O’Hara

Making Mindset A Tangible Practice To Develop Your Vision

Tatiana says the first step to understanding mindset blocks in your biz is to dig deep and ask yourself “why”. For example, if you’re resistant to the idea of building a team, why is that?

So digging deeper and asking yourself “why” will help you uncover some of these blocks in your biz.

The second part of this is getting really clear on your vision. Tatiana says it’s a tough exercise, but you have to dig deep by asking yourself: 

  • What do I really want?
  • Outside of this business, what do I want my life to really look like?
  • Outside of how much money I want to make, what do I want my life to really look like?
  • What do I want my day today to flow like?

Getting really granular with those detail helps you build your biz around life versus building your life around your biz. Although this might lead to slower growth, it’s going to be so much more sustainable long term because it will allow you to make decisions that align with your vision.

“Everybody wants to have a million-dollar business, but we don’t talk about what it takes to run a million-dollar business and how many team members you need. And like how you have to show up as the leader and how you really have to sit in that visionary seat.” -Tatiana O’Hara

An important thing to remember is that success looks different for everyone. In this world, we are constantly surrounded by other people’s business and successes that it can be hard to stay focused on your own path.

“So it’s just like, what do you actually want? And let’s just go get that. Because when you have someone else’s version of success, you’re not going to find the happiness in it because it was never yours to begin with.” -Tatiana O’Hara

The Role Of Systems In Building A Foundation To Scale

Tatiana thinks that the system operates within the people, the system is the way that the business flows and functions. First, we need to figure out from A to Z, what process we want to take our client through and what we want our day-to-day to look like. After that, we can set up platforms and software that supports the function of that overall system.  

Creating a system around the way your team operates and then building that out in a platform like ClickUp is what Tatiana does in her biz. There are so many daily little things that need to happen in our businesses and the more we can have working for us in the background, the better.

Tatiana reminds us that systems are vital to create a foundation for your biz to scale. As your business grows, without systems, you will end up creating more work for yourself. The goal is to position ourselves to essentially do more by doing less and systems really allow you to do that.

How do you know when it’s time to hire your first team member in your business?

Tatiana discusses two approaches to building out your team:

  1. Reactive

Tatiana says that this is the most common hiring process. A reactive process is based on the feeling that you have in your business currently. 

For example, it might look like you experiencing a lot of overwhelm and feeling burned out. Burn out is a sign that it was probably time to hire several months ago, but now you’re feeling like you have to hire ASAP or things are going to crumble.

2. Proactive

A proactive approach is you deciding that your time is valuable. It also helps you be able to spend your time doing the things that are going to move the needle the most in your biz. It could also look like you wanting to expand or do something that you don’t currently have a skill set with.

For example, Tatiana has been running her program, Grindaholics Anonymous, for a while now, but doesn’t have funnels set up. Since she isn’t familiar with funnels, instead of buying a course on funnels she can hire an expert. Another option would be to hire someone on her team and get them a course to learn about funnels.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start building their team?

Tatiana suggests auditing what your day-to-day currently looks like. You can check out her free resource, The Task Matrix, to brain dump all the things you do in your business. From there, you can categorize your tasks based on questions like:

  • Is this a skill set of mine? Is this not a skill set?
  • Is this something I enjoy doing? Is this not something I enjoy doing?
  • Is this a revenue-generating task? Is this just busywork?

This tool will help you figure out what to delegate and what role would be best to hire on your team.

“I think one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is just assuming that you need to hire a VA. That may be the first hire for quite a few people, but for others, it may be something different.” -Tatiana O’Hara

For example, if you have a podcast, it may be best to hire a podcast editor. This will allow you to take time-consuming tasks off your hands and move the needle forward in your biz. Tatiana says it’s about looking at your tasks and identifying the most impactful hire that you can make. 

She finds that a lot of people jump to assume that they need a certain role, like a VA. But then your new team member ends up not moving the needle forward. At this point, you start feeling like you must have hired a bad VA. When in reality, you didn’t have a strategy before you hired the person to begin with.

When it comes to strategically building your team so that you can scale sustainably, Tatiana has you covered. To connect with Tatiana, check out the links below!


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Strategically Building Your Team With Tatiana O’Hara

September 22, 2021

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