Platform Review: Slack

December 8, 2021

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As an online biz owner, a communication tool is a MUST for your biz. Gone are the days where you are wasting hours searching through email threads only to end up not finding the message you were looking for. With more people working from home now more than ever, a solid communication tool is necessary for you to run your biz with ease. So today, in this Slack review, we are talking all about how Slack can truly change the game for your biz!



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What Is Slack?

Slack is an incredible communication tool that allows your team to communicate, store files, and track activity all in one place. 

It allows you to connect with your team and clients across different locations to organize communication all in one place!


Who Is Slack Best For And What Plans Do They Offer?

The thing we want to stress in our Slack review is that it is great for pretty much anybody across the board. If you’re running a remote-style business, or even if you have a brick-and-mortar business, this is a great tool to use.

It also works well for small teams and even large agencies! 

At the time of this recording, Slack offers 3 plans beyond their free trial.

1. Free plan

Slacks’ free plan is best for those just starting out or users who have just a few clients or team members. One big limitation of this plan is that it only stores 10,000 of your most recent messages. This may seem like a large number, but it actually gets used up so fast! 

Some other limitations include 5GB of file storage, 10 app integrations, and you can’t use the Slack Connect feature (which we will explain more later!). However, these limitations may be fine for you to use the free plan in your biz!

2. Pro Plan

The pro plan is best for small teams who want better collaboration.  The top features of this plan include unlimited apps, 10GB storage per member, and the ability to work with other businesses using Slack Connect (which we will get to later!). 

This is the plan we use on Team EE!

3. Business+ Plan

The business plan is best for teams who want increased storage, security, and support. The top features of this plan include 20GB storage per member, data exports for all messages, and enhanced security as compared to the free plan and pro plan. 

4. Enterprise Grid Plan

The Enterprise Grid plan is best for large companies and enterprises. To purchase this plan, you have to contact the sales department since it is intended for large organizations.


Slack’s Best Features

This is the part we are most excited to share with you in our Slack review: the features!

Slack has amazing features which allow Team EE to be more efficient, organized and keep our biz running as smoothly as possible. It is SO hard to choose our fav features, but here is what currently makes the top of the list for us!

  • Customizable Channels To Organize Your Messages 

Slack is organized by Channels which brings you so much clarity to your biz communication. On Team EE, we organize our channels by topics such as clients, social media, graphics, blog, etc. By communicating in specific channels, you will eliminate repeat questions and lost information!

For example, blog questions go in #blog, Instagram content goes in #ig-content, and client questions go in #clients.

In addition, you can customize who you invite to each channel. So if you have independent contractors who only need access to a couple of channels, you can invite them to just those

  • Emoji React To Messages:

Slack allows you to use Emoji reactions to messages which allows you to acknowledge you have seen a message quickly!

A super important emoji on Team EE is the “brain” emoji. We use this emoji to let each other know we have read a message, but we need more time to think.

As entrepreneurs, we need to set boundaries with our brain space even with our team. Using this emoji, or something similar, helps us communicate to each other that we need more time and energy to give a response!

  • File Sharing

With Slack, files, documents, photos, and videos can be shared without having to switch tabs or windows

Sharing files allows you to keep the conversation flowing smoothly and quickly find files whenever you need to reference them.

  • Third-Party Integrations

Slack has a number of third-party integrations which cuts down on having endless browser tabs open on your computer and boosts productivity.

You can integrate tools such as Zoom, Google Analytics, Dropbox, Zapier, Loom, and more!

  • Slack Connect

Slack Connect allows you to connect with other biz owners who are already on Slack. This is an awesome feature to use with clients who have their own Slack account. Using Slack Connect creates a channel in your account and your client’s account so you never have to leave your own profile to connect with them and their team.

This feature is only available on a paid plan but is a total game-changer for streamlined client communication. Check out more about Slack Connect here!

3 Biggest Pros Of Slack

1. Slack Is Truly A One Size Fits All Tool

Whether you have a team of 3 or a team of 60, Slack is customizable to your needs. You can take advantage of as many or as few features as you want! 

2. Slack Is A Scalable Tool

Whether you have just started your biz, or have had your biz for 3 years, Slack is a tool that grows with you!

3. Slack Allows For Instant + Highly Organized Communication

Slack operates in real-time and can be used on your computer + phone! With customizable channels and so many features, you can streamline your communication to keep your biz running smoothly.


Without a doubt, Slack is, in our opinion, the best communication tool out there! It offers a number of benefits for busy entrepreneurs. Whether you are a solopreneur or managing a large agency, Slack truly is a game-changer when it comes to streamlining communication with your team and clients. 

After diving into our Slack review, if you’re ready to jump into streamlining and systemizing biz, check out our course Elevate!


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