Okay, so you’ve got your biz platforms all set up and you’re ready to rock’n’roll… but you’re still doing everything manually. That’s where automations come in! Automating your biz isn’t as scary and difficult as it sounds. With the right tools and a willingness to troubleshoot as you learn, setting up automations in your biz can be simple! So today, in this Zapier review, we are talking all about how Zapier can truly change the game for your biz!



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What Is Zapier?

Zapier is an automation tool that allows you to automate repetitive tasks between multiple platforms. Using an automation tool like Zapier is super helpful to eliminate tedious manual tasks in your biz. 

In basic terms, Zapier allows you to connect platforms that don’t normally “speak” to each other!


Who Is Slack Best For And What Plans Do They Offer?

The thing we want to stress in our Zapier review is that it is great for pretty much any online-based business! No matter where you are in your biz, utilizing Zapier can help you save time and increase efficiency.

At the time of this recording, Zapier offers 2 plans beyond their free trial.

1. Free plan

Zapier’s free plan is great for people who want to test out Zapier and get a feel for how to create automations. This is also a great plan if you are at the very beginning of your biz and want to create a few simple automations to start.

With Zapier’s free plan, you can:

  • Create up to 5 single-step zaps.

Ex. Every time a lead fills out your lead intake form in HoneyBook, a task is created in the leads management board of your ClickUp account.

  • Have 100 tasks per month. A task counts as a completed action taken by one of your zaps!

2. Starter Plan

Zapier’s Starter Plan is great for small businesses that need a little more specificity in their automations or small businesses that need to create more than 5 zaps.

With Zapier’s starter plan, you can:

  • Create up to 20 multi-step zaps.

Ex. Every time a lead fills out your lead intake form in HoneyBook, a task is created in the leads management board of your ClickUp account AND THEN you also get a ping in your #leads-mgmt Slack Channel.

  • Increase your task limit to at least 750 tasks per month
  • Use up to 3 premium apps. Some premium apps include PayPal, Shopify, and QuickBooks.
  • Use filters

Filters in Zapier allow you to get super specific about the type of information you are automating. For example, if you want to automatically send your team meetings Zoom Cloud Recordings to a board in ClickUp, you can filter a specific “meeting topic” to go to ClickUp instead of every Zoom recording going to ClickUp!

3. Professional Plan

Zapier’s Professional Plan is best for larger businesses with a high amount of tasks that need to be completed by automations and businesses who need access to more premium apps.

With Zapier’s professional plan, you can:

  • Create an unlimited amount of zaps
  • Use an unlimited amount of premium apps 
  • Increase your task limit to at least 2,000 tasks per month

Although it may seem exciting to have an unlimited amount of zaps to create, just remember that creating automations doesn’t mean you never have to touch them again. Automations require a lot of upkeep and having a large number of automations set up in your biz could ultimately cost you more time than it saves!


Zapier’s Best Features

This is the part we are most excited to share with you in our Zapier review: the features!

Our fav Zapier features include:

  • Seemingly endless app connections!

Zapier connects to over 3,000 apps so there’s a great chance that the apps you use can be connected to Zapier!

  • Templated Workflows

You can explore templated workflows within Zapier by selecting an app you want to start automating tasks within. From there, you can get ideas for how to use Zapier to streamline your biz!

  • Incredible Support

Zapier also has an incredible support team and a ton of resources on their website. You can also hire a certified expert if you want a done-for-you option!

3 Biggest Pros Of Zapier

1. Zapier lets you know when a zap is stuck

Zapier will send you emails when a zap isn’t working correctly. They also provide you with resources to help you troubleshoot your zaps!

2. Customization

There are so many options to customize the information that is automated. Also, you can tailor each zap to your team’s needs by adding multiple steps and automating multiple tasks with a single trigger! 

3. User Friendly

Zapier is super user-friendly and has a simple, fill-in-the-blank setup. In addition, they have incredible resources to walk you through how to set things up! Although automations can seem very overwhelming, Zapier is a platform that makes it all so much easier. 


Without a doubt, Zapier is our favorite automation tool on Team EE. It allows you to save time, build revenue, and keep you on top of your prospective and current clients. By automating tedious tasks in your biz, you will be able to focus on tasks that move the needle forward in your biz!

After diving into our Zapier review, if you’re ready to jump into streamlining and systemizing biz, check out our course Elevate!


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January 12, 2022

Zapier Review