Welcome to episode 3 of our 3-part series all about how to organize your biz tasks using our ROI method! We’ve been talking all about how to actually evaluate the tasks in your biz to move the needle forward. Today we are talking all about integrating your tasks. 


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What Is ROI?

ROI, by definition, means Return On Investment. It is the measure or the amount of return on a particular investment in our business like time, money, resources, etc.


Recap From Last Week’s Episode

If you didn’t catch part 2 of this series, you can check it out here! Make sure to complete the action steps before you can move on to the action steps in this episode! And if you still need to catch part 1, you can check it out here!

Last week we broke down the second step in our ROI method which is “organizing”. We organized our tasks into 4 categories: keep, delegate, automate, and delete. By categorizing those tasks, we can decide what we want to move forward with in our biz.


Part 3: Integrate Your Tasks

Integrating your tasks is all moving forward with delegating, automating, deletion and what we’re going to keep on our plate. 

5 integrating questions to ask yourself to dive into integrating are:

  • Why? Why are you currently missing out ROI opportunities?
  • What? What are the tasks that you’re doing that are not generating income?
  • When? The timeframe in which you can start to outsource or pivot your tasks to Delegate, Automate, or Delete tasks that you aren’t Keeping.
  • How? The process of getting there, can you currently afford to outsource?  Can you automate some of your tasks in the meantime?
  • Who? Who can you hire to outsource these tasks to?
  • BONUS: Is this project or product moving you closer to your vision + in turn closer to ROI?


Prioritizing Your Tasks

So prioritizing tasks is always an important part of integrating. Check out this free download of our prioritization matrix! 

  1. High Urgency & High Importance = Do It Now
  2. Low Urgency & High Importance = Do It next
  3. High Urgency & Low Importance = Do It Last
  4. Low Urgency & Low Importance = Do It Never

Evaluating Your Tasks Quarterly

It’s super important for you (and your team) to evaluate your recurring tasks every so often so you don’t get stuck doing tasks that no longer generate ROI. We recommend evaluating tasks quarterly!

With recurring tasks, we have the tendency to just keep doing them because it’s what we’ve always done. And we’re not actually stopping to pause and ask if our tasks are continuing to serve our business.

Empower your team to come to you when they find tasks that aren’t moving the needle forward!


Action Steps

The integrating step is all about taking action on the tasks that need to be delegated, automated, or deleted.

Step 1: Weigh all of your tasks on the prioritization matrix. Don’t forget to download the prioritization matrix here!

Step 2: Integrate the ROI strategy throughout the rest of your business + all of the big picture areas. This includes your launches, products, programs, marketing strategy, etc.

TIP: Look at each area of your business and answer the 5 integrating questions to figure out what is best serving your biz!

Step 3: Integrate your tasks into your project management tool! Organize your biz tasks in a way that makes sense to you.

Step 4: Set a quarterly recurring task to audit the recurring tasks in your biz using our ROI method!

Taking the time to organize your biz tasks will help set you up for success to scale your biz without the overwhelm. No matter how long you have been in your biz, task management is crucial so you don’t get to a point where you plateau because your systems cannot sustain any growth!


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