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August 25, 2021

POST: 5 books that changed my life

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I'm Court —online systems educator for coaches. I'm here to help you love your business again.

Meet court

We all have our own story about why we started our business. I’m going to share my journey with you and how I got to where I am today. 

I hope that some of this really resonates with you whether you have had a similar experience, or maybe you’re in the same spot right now. Or maybe even you’re thinking about taking the leap yourself. 

I’ve been in business now almost 4 years and although running a business isn’t always easy, it’s also been the absolute most rewarding journey I have personally been on. 



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Where I’m From (the quick deets)

I grew up in a really small town in Missouri kind of out in the middle of nowhere. I went to a really small high school and there were about 187 people in my graduating class, which was the largest class that had gone through my high school to date. After high school, I went to the University of Missouri for college. 

After graduating college, I ended up moving to St. Louis and started working for a company that really didn’t morally align with me. It really had the mentality of, you know, do whatever you had to do to make money. After about three or four months there, I ended up quitting that job and moved back to Columbia, Missouri (where I went to college) and started working for a mortgage company that I absolutely loved. 

In 2016 I moved to Hawaii, and as much as I loved living there, it was hard because I wasn’t able to visit my family as much as I wanted to because I was still at a 9 to 5 and had very limited vacation time. That’s when I started to look more into the remote work world and came across the book The 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss. 

I ended up finding this tech startup company based out of San Francisco, and I landed my very first remote job with a corporation. It was an amazing experience and I really got to see the ins and outs and the workings of a large business that was 100% remote. At the time, I was working with our APAC industry (the Asian-Pacific region) because I was in a great time zone while living in Hawaii. 

Eventually, I moved back to Missouri and I ended up having to leave that job and I got stuck back in a 9 to 5. About six months or so into that job, I was feeling so unfulfilled and drained.

At that point in time, I started looking for ways to really get back into the remote world, but it was starting to become really competitive. I had a couple of interviews and nothing really came of any of them so I got to this point where I decided I would create my own work. 

I started with website design and took all of these online classes only to discover that I hated web design. I’m definitely not a creative brain. 

I started to evaluate what I had done up until that point and piece together what I enjoyed from past jobs and eventually, I became an OBM (Online Business Manager). When I started out as an OBM I was still working my corporate 9 to 5 and so I made myself a promise that I was either going to quit when I matched my corporate salary or I was for sure just going to quit no matter what, by January 1st and just take that leap. 

By December, I was able to walk out of my 9 to 5 and start working for myself. So I went full-time in my biz by December of 2017, which was really exciting, but also super scary! 

After about 3 years of being an OBM, I started to realize 2 things:

  1. Systems are my love language. I loved being able to go into a business and puzzle-piece different ways to make it run more efficiently, right. So I realized that I really wanted to start to pivot my business to solely focus on building systems for my clients.
  2. I feel like I had kind of shot myself in the foot as an OBM because whenever I would put solid working systems in place for my clients, their need for me as an OBM became less and less because the systems supported their biz. 

So that brings us to today! I have spent the past year and a half now teaching all about systems so that I can take the hard parts out of systems for my clients and my students. If you’re interested in joining our course, Elevate, to learn how to implement scalable systems in your biz without the overwhelm, check out all the deets here! 

What I’ve Learned: Learn Everything That You Can

One of the biggest things I have learned is that you literally never want to stop learning. 

While I was still working at my corporate job, I actually started taking lessons and courses and educating myself on both hard and soft skills that I need to be able to work in a remote space. There are so many resources out there to take advantage of like taking online courses, reading books, listening to seminars, listening to podcasts, and the list goes on. 

If you can, find a mentor you can partner with! Having a mentor can really help to guide you through some of those sticky spots that come with starting your own biz. 

What I’ve Learned: Identify Your Fears + Find Tangible Solutions To Overcome Them

There is a lot of fear that comes with starting your own business. When I decided that I was going to leave my 9 to 5, I was afraid of so many things. 

So I had to figure out, for me, what did stability look like? For example, one of the things I was scared of was having a client that didn’t pay me. So I knew that I could implement contracts in my business with my clients. What I was able to do with that decision was remove the emotion of that fear and implement something tangible in my business that would take make me feel a little bit better about that fear. 

Anytime a fear comes up in my biz, I try to find the most tangible solution to the fear so I can conserve my energy where I can and make sure that I’m not focusing too much on the negative things.  

What I’ve Learned: Build A Vision For Your Biz + Your Life

After reading the book, The Vision Driven Leader by Michael Hyatt, I realized that I had never really written down a vision for my business. As a type-A person, I want tangibles, lists, and action items and I had always thought that a vision was just fluff. 

But this book gave me a really good insight into tangible ways to identify my vision for my business, and my life in general, and how to execute it. Since creating a vision for my business, I’ve learned that I’m constantly revisiting it because it changes along with my life. 

What I’ve Learned: Surround Yourself With A Support Network

Working in the online space can be incredibly isolating and it can leave you feeling a lack of separation between your work and personal life.

Sometimes I feel like I almost let myself get sucked into a virtual reality and so it’s important to remind yourself that there’s an entire world outside of our jobs.

Something that has helped me is creating a network of friends within the online space that can help me feel connected, but also help to hold me accountable. So push yourself to get involved in like-minded communities through co-working spaces, networking events, virtual coffee chats, and more to build relationships and have a community to hold you accountable. 

What I’ve Learned: Value Yourself

Remember that you’re a human being, not a machine. Give yourself a little grace throughout this journey because you have so much to offer the world and, and anyone who doesn’t see that really isn’t worth your time. 

Make sure you are checking in with yourself and that you are valuing and respecting yourself and your time throughout this journey. 

I am so excited that you are part of my community and a part of this journey. If you want to connect more, come join our free community, The Elevate Effect Community, in Mighty Networks!


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