Today we are talking all about how to use ClickUp Templates in your biz to improve your processes and streamline your biz! Using ClickUp’s template feature allows you to create rinse and repeat processes for launches, client projects, and so much more. 



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What Is A ClickUp Template?

ClickUp allows you to create your OWN templates. You can create a Space Template, Folder Template, List Template, OR even a Task Template.

By saving a template, it will save your statuses, custom fields, tasks, assignees, due dates, ALL THE THINGS – or you can simply customize what parts are saved. 

Templates can save you so much time when it comes to taking care of your one on one coaching clients or group coaching clients! 

Check out this guide to help you create and update your ClickUp templates!


Benefits Of ClickUp Templates:

Templates not only serve as a huge time-saver, but they can greatly improve the quality of your work. Benefits of ClickUp Templates include:

  • Flexibility in workflow. When you have templates created, it’s easier to make updates or modifications to your current processes without losing productivity.
  • Easy to use. Isn’t this what we’re all after? Pulling up a template is so much easier than gazing at a blank document with no clue where to start.
  • Reduce time spent on recurring tasks. When you need to onboard a client, offer a quote, or send an invoice, templates allow you to fill in the necessary information and move on with running your biz. Stop spending a large portion of your day recreating the same documents.
  • Spend time on scaling your business. The time you save from not reinventing a client contract can be spent on what you actually want to do – expanding your brand reach and scaling your biz.
  • Keeps work quality consistent. No more late nights or long weekends “just getting it done.” Templates create consistency. Invoices, contracts, project proposals, and more are all branded and represent your brand in the best possible way.


Real Uses For Templates:

Each project is 100% customizable. Only include other ClickUp tools, like timekeeping, chats, files, and tasks, when you want. 

Here are a few ways we’ve used Templates in ClickUp:

    1. Client Onboarding + Offboarding: You can use ClickUp templates to streamline your client onboarding + offboarding process. An onboarding template ensures that you never miss a step in the process and allows you to show your client from the beginning that you are there to support them.
    2. Launch Management: You can use ClickUp template to streamline your group coaching launches and re-launches. Creating a template with the recurring tasks for your launches saves you time and streamlines communication among your team members.
    3. Metrics Management: ClickUp templates are super useful to manage your metrics. By creating a template that includes the framework for collecting your metrics, it’s simple to reuse your template when a new quarter or the new year rolls around!
    4. Content Creation: Using ClickUp templates to layout the workflows for creating content allows you to use your time in the creative process instead of the tedious details. It also increases team accountability and productivity when each team member knows exactly what tasks they are responsible for when it comes to creating content.
    5.  Podcast Management: Use ClickUp task templates for each new episode you create. Add in all of the subtasks needed to launch a new podcast episode like writing the show notes, creating the graphics, scheduling the episode in Podbean, etc. By using a template for every episode, you won’t have to worry about missing a step or wasting time trying to remember your workflow
    6. Team Onboarding/Training: On Team EE, we use a ClickUp Template for our team training program. We have included the general trainings + SOP’s that a new team member would need to watch and then from there we can add in customized trainings based on the team member’s role!


There’s no doubt that using ClickUp templates saves time and energy in your biz. Are you ready to jump into ClickUp, but have no idea where to start? Check out our ClickUp template shop to get started! Then save your very own templates for your future use after you have customized them to fit your business needs. 



Check out this guide to start using ClickUp Templates!
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