Platform Review: HoneyBook

September 29, 2021

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With all of the options out there, it can be super overwhelming to decide which tools are best for you to use in your biz. So today, in this HoneyBook review, I’m giving you the low down on one of our favorite biz tools!

HoneyBook is an incredible user-friendly CRM (customer relationship management) tool to use in your biz. Even if you’re not what you would consider “tech-savvy”, HoneyBook is a great option for you!


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What Is HoneyBook?

HoneyBook is a super user-friendly CRM (client relationship management tool) that has everything in one place, so you’re able to manage leads, send contracts, and get paid fast!

Overall, HoneyBook is a super-efficient tool that includes customizable templates and has quick-to-set up workflows so you can get your clients the info they need at the right time.

Who Is HoneyBook Best For And What Plans Do They Offer?

HoneyBook is great for any service providers including coaches, mentors, OBMs, virtual assistants, and social media managers.

HoneyBook has two plans beyond their free trial.

  1.  The Starter Plan: This plan is designed for those of you who want to take your time learning about and playing around with the platform. This plan also only offers a monthly payment option. The limitations on this plan are that you only get 6 months of access to HoneyBook’s concierge team and you aren’t able to add team members to your account. In addition, once you hit $10k in total payments with HoneyBook you then will have to upgrade to their Unlimited plan.
  2. The Unlimited Plan: The unlimited plan is designed for those of you who are ready to jump right into HoneyBook after your 7 day trial. This is best for biz owners who want to add team members to your account and who want to have an unlimited transaction limit.

 HoneyBook’s Best Features

This is the part we are most excited to share with you in our HoneyBook review: the features! HoneyBook has amazing features which allow us to be more efficient, organized, and give our clients the best experience possible.

 Some of our favorite features include:

  • Shared Client Workspace: HoneyBook allows you to have a centralized point of communication with your clients. You can share project details, documents, emails, and payments all from within HoneyBook so your clients can always be in the loop.
  • Custom Templates: You can create custom templates for emails, brochures, questionnaires, and proposals which saves tons of time. Plus, you can add your brand to everything!
  • Proposals: HoneyBook’s proposal feature combines three critical steps to getting booked into one easy experience. Your clients can review a list of proposed services, sign their contract and make their payment in one place.
  • Contracts: HoneyBook has legal templates that you can use or you can upload your own! They are easy to edit and include smart fields that automatically pull essential details.
  • Automations and Workflows: Workflows allow you to automate repetitive tasks so they’re taken off your plate. You can use workflows to send automated thank yous to new inquiries, and set reminders for yourself throughout the project.
  • Integrations: HoneyBook integrates with other platforms like Zapier, Gmail, Calendly, and even Facebook!

3 Biggest Pros Of HoneyBook

  1. HoneyBook has incredible resources in their help center to help you get started. Check out their “Getting Started Guide” to get all the details on getting your account set up!
  2. It is fairly simple compared to its main competitor Dubsado. HoneyBook has a cleaner interface and a better user experience
  3. HoneyBook helps give your client’s the best experience possible through the client portal and workflows.

After diving into our HoneyBook review, if you’re ready to jump into the platform check out HoneyBook (and use code ‘systemsup’ to get HB for $1/mo for 8 months!)


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HoneyBook’s “Getting Started Guide”

Check out HoneyBook (and use code ‘systemsup’ to get HB for $1/mo for 8 months!)


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