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We are looking for a Marketing Coordinator expected to provide creative brainstorming, managing, and production of our team's marketing campaigns. 

Our Company Values

We always believe in going above and beyond. Always take projects one step further than you're required to with internal + clients.

Plus One Attitudue

We always encourage transparency within our team and with our clients. It encourages trust and goodwill together as a team and for our clients that work with us.


The best customer experience, period. Fix problems and say yes.

Customer Service

We own up to things when we mess up and we are honest about our strengths and weaknesses.


Self-explanatory. Be kind, do it willingly.

Random Acts of Kindness

Support your team members. Lend a hand when you see someone struggling.

All Hands On Deck

Being efficient in your day-to-day helps you improve your productivity, increases your production output & can eliminate time-consuming tasks.


Take the initiative, don't be afraid to rest or share crazy ideas, fail often & fast, be open with your mistakes & failures.



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Hiring Timeline

This role also takes on creative brainstorming, managing, and production of our team's marketing campaigns across each and every platform to reach the goals of our company, as well as increase brand awareness. This role understands a sense of creativity, organization, plans ahead, is proactive, and practices integrity. 

This role loves learning new things and solving problems. We are looking for someone who is going to take initiative in their work, challenge the way we think, implement, and recommend strategies and BETTER ways we can be doing something!

Job Description

Draft and schedule monthly newsletters
Develop and plan monthly or quarterly marketing themes across all platforms
Suggest strategies to improve marketing numbers
Pull marketing metrics


Edit + product podcast episodes
Send weekly marketing + sales report to the CEO
Draft social media posts
Create social media graphics
Post to social media feeds
Script Reels and Face to Camera IG Stories for CEO to record
Reach out to PR opportunities on CEO's behalf


Engage on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Mighty Networks
Post IG Stories


✅ Sampling of tasks

・Owning the SOP creation and management process 
・Managing client and student testimonials - repurposing them throughout the content on Instagram, LinkedIn, and Mighty Networks
・Participate in monthly team meetings


・Assist and develop marketing strategies that align with launches and projects each year
・Develop creative strategies for expanding brand awareness and growing the customer base
・Oversee email marketing sequences, including writing and reporting
・Conduct market research and identify trends
・Evaluate and monitor performance by analyzing KPIs

Marketing Strategy

・Reach out to PR opportunities including podcasts, guest trainings, and other opportunities for the CEO
・Engagement and comments are responded to within 24 hours during the workweek on Instagram, Mighty Networks, and LinkedIn
・Connect and engage with potential leads on LinkedIn

Lead Generation + Engagement

・Posting to Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Mighty Networks
・Design graphics for social media platforms, lead magnets, training presentations, etc
・Drafting captions for all social media channels
・Scheduling and posting to Instagram feed, Instagram Stories, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Mighty Networks
・Repurposing video content into posts, IG stories, reels, and emails
・Researching hashtags for top performance and industry trends
・Managing analytics and reporting results weekly through trackers
・All social platforms and marketing inquiries are nurtured and taken care of
・Develop and draft monthly email newsletters
・Manage full podcast production process from editing to the episode going live
・Marketing around the podcast - IG Stories, Posts, Reels, and LinkedIn posts

Content Management

🔨 Responsibilities

You can work effectively with simple guidelines and are a self-starter - Google is your BFF because you naturally take initiative
Detail-oriented and efficient are words that describe you - you get joy out of finishing projects!

You LOVE self-improvement exercises [a huge part of Team SU is to constantly be improving as a person outside of work].

You can start out with 10-12 hours a week, but have room to grow as our business is steadily growing.
You are a team player who goes above and beyond to achieve a goal.
Words like community, systemization, and market research make you smile really big.
You enjoy talking with people, giving/getting directions and are able to do it with love + empathy… even if you’re having a horrible day.

You love working with a variety of people + find joy in bringing systemization to our clients.
You are ready to learn more about systems, developing community, working with a remote team, and ready to hit the ground running [we do not expect you to know everything and have do have trainings that will guide you] - but you do need to have a LOVE for working hard + working with a team.

BONUS: You have experience with Slack, ClickUp, ActiveCampaign, and Google suite! This is a plus, but not required. Team SU is more about work ethic & the willingness to grow with us versus direct experience!

Does this Sound like you?!

▸ We are a totally remote team, so you can work on your own terms from ANYWHERE.
▸ We love learning new things + workshops are always available to attend!
▸ Unlimited time-off! We work hard as a team + encourage you to take time off for yourself.

▸ This is a part-time contractor 1099 job. 
▸ To start the pay is based on experience and the hours will be 10-12/week.
▸ Both pay and hours will increase as you’re able to handle more responsibilities. 

✨ Perks of the Job:

😉 Boring 'ole admin notes:

Application closes August 1st at 11:59pm CST!

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