Creating A Freedom Lifestyle With Amanda Kolbye

October 20, 2021

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Today we are talking all about systems and creating a freedom lifestyle from a sales and business coaching perspective with Amanda Kolbye!



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Meet Amanda

Amanda Kolbye is an international business coach, online educator, and full time world traveler. She has built a near million dollar business in the past two years and is known for her freedom focused approach to business growth through a unique mix of brain based science, mindset, & strategy. She has been featured in places like Create & Cultivate, Thrive, and The New York Times and helped hundreds of clients generate over $2M in revenue.

Amanda left a six figure corporate sales job, sold everything, and moved to Thailand back in 2018 determined to create a business that fueled a freedom lifestyle. Now she coaches other entrepreneurs to learn how to thrive while building their own online businesses and creating a freedom lifestyle.


What are your top tips on systems biz owners need to implement to find the confidence to build their biz?

For Amanda, creating a freedom lifestyle involves living out your version of success. Along with that comes the necessity of systems in your biz. Amanda says that she couldn’t live her version of success of traveling without systems in her biz.

Amanda’s top 2 tips for implementing systems in your biz are:

  1. Have a heart of your biz

Creating a hub for your biz is necessary to simplify and streamline your biz. Amanda says that to be able to scale, you need to have a core place that’s organized for team communication, projects, and overall management of your biz.

For Amanda, the heart of her biz is ClickUp. And it’s no surprise that on Team EE, ClickUp is ours too! 

  1. Create SOPs for your biz

Amanda stresses that while they might not be the sexiest thing in the world, SOPs are required for every facet of your business.

After creating robust processes and documentation of her workflows, Amanda was able to hand things off on a whole new level to team members.

Whether or not you are a solopreneur or you have a team, creating SOPs is going to allow your biz to scale without the overwhelm.


What are some actionable steps that people can take to make the leap and start their biz?

Amanda talks about how setting boundaries is a necessary precursor to starting your biz. When you first start your biz, there is so much overwhelm from all of the content and resources on the internet. Amanda says to remember to keep it simple and set boundaries around the content you are consuming. 

Amanda says that 2 important first steps are:

Step 1: Getting clear on ONE offer

“Don’t overdo it, don’t overcomplicate it, just say what is something I can offer right now. Get yourself a later list. I’m all about the simplicity of a now and later list because it feels like I don’t have to deal with all of it right now. So get yourself an offer.” – Amanda Kolbye

Step 2: Creating a plan for visibility

“If no one knows you exist, no one can buy from you. And you’re going to have to be okay with showing up when no one’s listening, when no one’s reading, when it when it feels like it’s just you.”- Amanda Kolbye

Amanda talks about how showing up confidently and consistently is the key to getting people to pay attention.


What are your top tips for implementing systems for both new entrepreneurs and seasoned entrepreneurs?

In the beginning, you’re going to be a solopreneur until you can start outsource. Amanda talks about how it’s important to focus on shrinking your time. It’s all about figuring out where to allocate and prioritize your time. It’s important to consistently audit your biz to see where you are spending too much time and where you need to be spending more time.

When you’re scaling your biz, Amanda says that you have to start thinking more like a company. You have to start thinking about how to save time in your biz by creating rinse and repeat processes and systems to support you.

You also have to work on encouraging your team to be decision-makers in your biz. Figuring out how to teach your team to think through bigger processes supports long-term growth in your biz.  


Is there a way to systemize sales in a way that still feels authentic?

For us entrepreneurs who thrive in thinking about business in terms of systems and processes, sales can be difficult to tackle. Amanda discusses how sales is all about connecting with people and seeing eye to eye with others. It can also be helpful to look at the sales system as a customer journey. This includes things like identifying where your customers come to you, what the gap that you need to fill is, and how you can fill that gap.

From there, you can almost create a process for sales by identifying the milestones that people typically meet. This helps you figure out what your lead has to go through and understand before they’re ready for your offer.

After mapping out that loose process, you’re able to approach each of those steps in different ways.

“We’re very used to systems being like x, y, and z, it’s very black and white. And sales are not black and white, no matter how much you systemize the process all of that. So it’s about understanding a typical path. It’s about having a direction and an intention. But learning how to be adaptable.”- Amanda Kolbye

Amanda discusses that what makes sales so complex is that you’re communicating to very different types of people at very different stages of your process. People are different decision-makers with different purchasing behaviors. So the path that one lead takes to purchase your offer will be completely different from others.

Systemizing your biz is no easy process, especially when it comes to navigating sales, but it’s necessary to scale your biz with the freedom to live life on your terms.

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