How To Create SOPs For Your Biz

December 29, 2021

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Today we are talking all about how to create SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures)! When it comes to keeping your biz updated, there is often one piece that is overlooked, your SOP manual. In order to keep your biz running smoothly, you need to have a system to store and manage your SOPs so you can save time and scale your biz.



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What Is An SOP?

SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedure and is a specific way you and your team accomplish a specific task. It’s a sequence of steps performed in a particular order so there is a consistency to how a job is performed. 

Some examples of SOPs include how a new team member is onboarded, how to draft + schedule your monthly newsletter, how to create social media graphics, and even how to create an SOP.

Even if you are a solopreneur, you’re in a great position where you can start building these SOP so that when you’re ready to start hiring team members, you already have these done!

Why Do I Need SOPs?

Without SOP’s team members will perform tasks in their own way which will lead to inconsistency in your biz. SOPs offer regularity to your tasks, create consistency, reduce mistakes and confusion, and help the process of hiring and training future team members.

Also, SOPs encourage team members to take responsibility for their tasks and give them the confidence to troubleshoot along the way!


How To Create SOPs: Step 1

Create your SOP manual in your project management tool, like ClickUp! Using your project management tool as the home for your SOPs allows you to locate everything in one place. It also allows you to link SOPs to their relevant tasks. 

Organize your SOPs by category or platform such as “admin”, “wordpress”, “inbox management”, or “client management”.

To avoid inconsistencies in your SOP manual, create a template for all the information you want to include in each SOP. You want each SOP to follow the same format so it is easier to digest and maintains consistency. 

Things to include in each SOP:

  • Video Process OR written process
  • Resources
  • Policies
  • Metrics Of Success

How To Create SOPs: Step 2

Ultimately, every task and process in your biz should have an SOP. But a great place to start is with your recurring tasks.

To help make this process less overwhelming, next time you complete a task, record a Loom video as you do it or write down the process as you go!

If you are planning on hiring a new team member soon, focus on the SOPs for the tasks that you plan on delegating first.

How To Create SOPs: Step 3

Once your SOPs are created, create a plan for reviewing + revising your SOPs. You should be reviewing your SOPs at least once a year (6 months is even better!).

If you are using ClickUp for your SOP Manual, you can set automatically recurring due dates every 6 months to check in on each SOP! Don’t have ClickUp yet?! Check Out ClickUp Here! (and get 30% off the Unlimited Plan or 15% off Business Plan)

Best Practices

Building your SOP manual can feel overwhelming, so remember to take it slowly so you don’t overwhelm yourself. And remember that creating SOPs is an ongoing project!

If you have a team, put them in charge of creating SOPs for their tasks and always have another team member review each SOP before filing to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Another super important piece is to always back up your SOP videos. You never know what could happen with Loom videos, so make sure you download the “hard copy” of the .mp4 file to your computer and upload that .mp4 to your SOP manual!

Creating SOPs for your biz is a non-negotiable for you to scale your biz and set it up to run smoothly without you. So whether you’re wanting to take a vacation or want to step more into that CEO role in your business, SOPs are going to help you achieve those goals! Ready to step more into your CEO role in your biz? Check out our course, Elevate, to take your biz from unorganized to systemized!


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