ClickUp Case Study With Upstaging Seattle

March 16, 2022

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ClickUp Case Study With Home Staging Company CEO’s, Flavia Vigorito + Fernanda Bertrand

Check Out What Upstaging Seattle Had To Say About Working With The Elevate Effect!

The Low Down

Upstaging Seattle helps high-volume real estate agents with tailored staging packages from entry level to multi-million dollar properties. As a growing business with a large team of 16, endless projects, and no process for organization, Flavia and Fernanda invested in building systems to support their growth.

Our goal in building out Upstaging Seattle’s ClickUp was to create a one-stop-shop that allowed them to manage all different facets of their business. In order to do this, we focused on creating a hub where they could manage their team, keep a pulse on their clients, and manage the day-to-day operations with ease.


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About Upstaging Seattle

Flavia and Fernanda are co-owners of Upstaging Seattle, a home staging company. Born and raised in Brazil, Fernanda and Flavia met in Seattle and it was friendship at first sight.

They started staging for a mutual friend as a side hustle but absolutely fell in love with how fast-paced the industry can be. It’s never a dull moment and they really thrive within a culture of creating solutions! 

They committed to starting Upstaging together in 2018 and gave our all to turn our $500 initial investment into a 7 figure business and now leading a team of 16. 


Check Out What Upstaging Seattle Had To Say About Working With The Elevate Effect

Empowering Team With ClickUp

Prior to working with us, Upstaging Seattle was running their business out of multiple Google Sheets, Calendars, Trello Boards, etc. With every piece of the business in a different place, it was difficult for them to keep track of everything.

Fernanda says that “the more we grow, the more we realize that we have to be able to empower people to do their jobs and delegate. But people can’t do their jobs without the information that they need.” So that’s where we came in.

We set out to create systems in ClickUp that allowed Flavia and Fernanda to empower their team and help them support the growth of the business.

Through ClickUp, Upstaging Seattle’s team is able to create custom personal views. This allows them to view the same information in a way that makes sense for their brains. The team is also able to find the information they need to be proactive in supporting the company’s growth.

We also were able to optimize their ClickUp for desktop and mobile views. This has supported the movers and stagers who work from their phones each day while also supporting the employees working on their computers.

By optimizing and customizing Upstaging Seattle’s ClickUp, they have been able to empower their team, streamline communication, and have a better pulse on the day-to-day of each team member.


Streamlined Client Management

A huge piece of Upstaging Seattle’s project was to streamline their client management. Our goal was to make it easier to manage multiple projects at all different stages at once.

In order to support this goal, we set up a couple of different options for their client management. We created a heavily automated version where the client journey had automated subtasks that were created based on specific conditions. In addition, we created a more manual version with more team touchpoints along the way to create those subtasks. 

After playing around with ClickUp, Flavia and Fernanda found that the automated version wasn’t the best fit for their business. Through recognizing what works for their business and what doesn’t, they have been able to continue to evolve ClickUp for their client management needs. 

With ClickUp, they are able to have a centralized place for client management. They can input client information, visualize their client pipeline, and see the most up-to-date status on a client with ease.

The Results

Upstaging Seattle has continued to grow and shift after offboarding with us. In order to have systems that support your business growth, you have to be open to changing and shifting things.

Through streamlining their ClickUp, Flavia and Fernanda have been able to continuously learn and improve their systems. 

As Flavia says, whatever brought you here, “it’s not gonna necessarily bring you to the next level.” It’s all about embracing change and getting to the root cause of issues that come up so you can attack them head-on. 

After building out Upstaging Seattle’s ClickUp, Fernanda says that “it’s actually making things a lot easier and a lot more smooth in our operation. The more we’re  able to do things on ClickUp, the more successful weeks we’ve had because all the information is there.”

In addition, the platform has allowed them to manage multiple facets of the business all in one place. Flavia says that “being able to have a one-stop-shop for all of those subjects and knowing everything is on ClickUp and being able to track the progress of each project within has been really helpful.”

And Fernanda says that with ClickUp “I am able to make quick decisions about our daily operation. Because it’s a lot, it’s a large operation, and the moving parts of running our business are so nuanced. And if one thing goes wrong, it triggers so many different things in our business. So being able to have the right information and know what to do with that information quickly, is essential for our business.”

Having everything in one place has also been super helpful for their team in their day-to-day operations. It can be difficult to manage such a large team. However, ClickUp has allowed them to delegate and empower their team to find solutions and be proactive in supporting the business.

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