Takeaways After 4 Years Of Running My Business

December 22, 2021

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We celebrated our 4 year anniversary yesterday!! So to celebrate our anniversary, I’m here to share with you guys my top takeaways after 4 years of running my online business. 

It’s crazy to think about how much this business has grown in just 4 years. If you would have told me 4 years ago that my business would not just be running, but thriving, I don’t think I would have believed you. So let’s dive in!


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1. Being Busy Isn’t The Same Thing As Being Productive.

This not only applies to business, but to our personal lives too! I quickly learned this at the beginning of my biz and I still have to remind myself of this sometimes.  It’s about being mindful of the time we spend and not just doing things to check them off of our to-do list. 

One of the biggest things that I’ve done to help with this is to develop habits that have helped me to stay productive and on track to move my business forward. This includes things like time blocking, taking breaks, and focusing on larger projects during my most productive hours.


2. Create A Community Of Friends + Support

This industry can be isolating. It can be lonely, you’re working from home, it’s quiet, and you don’t have a lot of interaction during the day. 

So having some type of community or network of business friends is so important. Connection is what continues to drive us forward as entrepreneurs when we sometimes feel like we are going on this roller coaster ride of being a biz owner.

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3. Set And Communicate Boundaries To Your Team + Clients

One of the hardest things for me at the beginning of running my online business was boundaries. Boundaries are crucial as an online biz owner, but they can also be difficult to set and stick to. 

Some boundaries to set + communicate include:

Another important part of setting boundaries is to take time off. Whether it’s an afternoon, a whole day, or a whole week, you need time to recharge so you can do your best work!

4. Stop Setting Limits For Your Business (And Yourself)

It’s easy to think that there are so many other people out there who do what we do and do it better so why should we try? The truth is that there is always going to be someone who knows more or is more experienced, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have anything to offer.

There are definitely people out there who do what we do on Team EE, but there is something unique about the method of how we work that sets us apart from other people. And there’s something unique about you that sets you apart too! 

All in all, if you don’t take a leap and go for your goals, you’ll never achieve them. So why not at least try?!

5. Run Your Own Race + Do What’s Best For YOUR business

We have a natural tendency to compare ourselves to what we see online. For example, we see that this person launched a course, this person started a podcast, and this person is hosting a retreat. 

So we think that we have to do the same things to be successful. But, what someone else does might not be the best for YOUR business. In other words, it’s about finding what works best for you and your business!

In addition, what you want for your business will change over time and that is okay! When I first started my business, I wanted to have more freedom to travel. However, as my personal life changed, I got married and we started to grow our family. So it’s all about evaluating where you are in your life and pivoting your business to support your personal definition of success!

6. Make Data-Driven Decisions

I think we get so caught up in doing what we have always done just because it’s familiar that we don’t actually stop to think about what is serving our business?

It’s so important to look at the data in your business to make sure the time you spend is bringing in ROI (Return On Investment). Although ROI is commonly associated with money, it can also be things like traffic to your website, leads in your pipeline, or anything you want to measure!

So make sure that you’re evaluating your tasks maybe every 6 months. And ask yourself, am I still doing this because it serves my business? Or do I just do it because that’s what I’ve always done?  If it is something that’s really not turning an ROI in your business, get rid of it so you can focus your time somewhere else! So use the data to help you make decisions.

All in all, after 4 years of running my online business, I genuinely cannot wait to see what year 5 five brings 2022! There’s a lot I’ll continue to learn and I can’t wait to continue to share this journey with you all!


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